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  1. Replacement Key

    Was the key you got a genuine ford part or a copy? Looking to get a genuine ford key - I know it will raise the price though
  2. Hi all, was wondering if I could ask for some help please! I have an 11 reg mk.7 fiesta that came with two remote flip keys (blip keys they're sometimes known as!), but I've lost one of them. I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm never going to find it again and so need to look at buying a new one. I've had a look at ebay and you can get a flip key for £6/7 but I don't think these are remote keys. I don't really want to go through ford as I got quoted nearly £150 (!!!!) and I'm sure it can be done cheaper. My thinking at the moment is to buy a key, get it cut at Timpsons or somewhere, and then get it programmed. But any advice on any stages of that would be massively appreciated, as currently my internet searches are coming up blank! Thanks