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  1. Announcing the winner of our iPad Mini in 4 mins!!

  2. We won We Won!!!! The kids WILL have sprouts this Christmas after all.These Emails do make me chuckle. They don't get any better at it do they? Dear MRThe Inheritance Fund I contact you last time has been Transferred to another partner account in Paraguay. I am in Paraguay now,I kept $800.000.00 For your Compensation, Contact Professor A.K. MISRA of Western Union Email ( compensation of $800.000.00. make sure you give your account information need...

  3. FOC Age group Poll!

    40 Just. Dont want to move to the 41 to 50 category.
  4. I would sew it before it gets sat on it will only get worse. I know its not an ideal long term solution but it will stop it from worsening. A few years ago I bought some patches from a motor show stand. They had 100's of colours and patterns. Worked well as the seat I was repairing didnt have a pattern. was almost unnoticable.
  5. Merry Monday

    Afternoon all, Just a quick hello. A lunchtime lurker for over a year decided to sign up and contribute a bit. Mark