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  1. Not unlike the standard wheels fitted to titanium x fiesta
  2. RTFM?
  3. I have titx with keyless entry. A couple of weeks ago I was out shopping with my daughter, we parked up and she went in to a shop. I stayed in the car and listened to the radio. I then went to start the car, and got a "key not detected" warning on the central console (radio) screen, she had key in her pocket. Car started fine when she returned. The warning is still on the screen and I can't get rid of it, manual is useless. Just been to dealers and and they could do want tell me what should happen..when key is detected, warning goes away. Anyone know how to clear this message please?
  4. You can also get two extra doors with tit x:-)
  5. This should show chrome trim on my tit x as discussed
  6. My tit x was built in Feb 14 and does have the chrome trim, and gloss rather than matt fog light surrounds. When I last checked less than 2% of all Fiestas sold in UK are tit x spec so not surprised you haven't seen one. Will try to post photo
  7. Stopped in for cars built after March this year, also changed to plain leather steering wheel is without insert, an seat belts now single colour....and I think they downgraded the floor mats supplied
  8. I thought Xenon's had to be fitted with washer jets as well to be legal as the higher operating temperatures can cook insect life on to the lens cover. Lots of discussion on Briskoda forum about this
  9. Thought it used the ABS to detect a differential in wheel slippage when braking applied if there is a difference in tyre pressures between wheels. Wouldn't necessarily detect a catastrophic puncture, or flat spotted on returning to car etc
  10. What about Dacia, base models don't have radio etc
  11. What gear change indicator? I learned to drive in cars without rev counters etc and learnt where the sweet spot for changing gear is by sound and feel of the car. Changes depending on road conditions, how full the car is and how briskly I want to make progress. Be very impressed if the car can adjust for all of these factors in real time.
  12. Think they see a Fiesta, reckon it will be slow and they have plenty if time
  13. Unfortunately the Darwin principle will come in to play eventually, but some poor bystander or motorist coming the other way and observing legal limits will also be removed from the gene pool. If you do have a death wish do please find a way that doesn't impact on others
  14. Might be your seat isn't set properly. I have Titanium x with half leather and have done 10,500 miles in six months with no problem. On very long runs (3 hours plus) if my back is getting a little stiff I use the heated seat for 5-10 minutes which seems to do the trick.
  15. Also now been caught speeding driving from Whitby to London. Too fast for speed awareness course, so the tw#t now will get points. Hope his insurance premiums now rocket