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  1. Happy Birthday escortnutwoody!

  2. 1987 Cabby Shell

    hi i have just been given a 1987 1.1 d reg escort cabby shell checked via dvla vechicle enquiry service. The shell has rust where the battery tray is and needs changing also has a hole on rear n/s sill but as far as i can tell that is it. I will be trying to get the car shell chemically dipped if possible. I am thinking about putting a 1.7 ford puma engine in it if i can but don't really know where to start. I will be looking at buying a complete puma in and ripping it a part for all the running gear but is this a good idea or keep it with a 1.1. any advice is welcome
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  4. New To Site

    hi just registered on foc just been given a ford escort cabby on a d registration but i have got to apply for the logbook.The escort to be honest is only the shell with no engine etc and 2 bits of rust which is the battery tray and the rear near side sill and that is as far as i know but i will be getting the shell chemically dipped to make sure. I am thinking of possibly putting a 1.7 zetec s engine in it but not sure if it will fit. Any advice welcome i will try to upload pics asap.