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  1. I don't understand why it's working fine at the moment. the alternator belt was really slack so I tightened it up also.
  2. it was all the lights (battery, air bag etc) I charged the battery up during the night and it has stopped now. it's also starting first time.
  3. Hello, I own a ford fiesta mk4 1.3 petrol. I went to move my car this morning and noticed that my lights on my dashboard were on before I even started the car up. I managed to start it fine and moved it. I then went to go out tonight and it wouldn't start but the lights were still on whilst the ignition was off. I have replaced the heater valve and alternator/alternator belt. I'm not sure if those are anything to do with it. I also noticed a little while back that my dashboard light that tells me that I have my exterior lights on isn't working but the full beam dashboard light works, anything to do with it? I would be greatful if anyone could help me and will answer any questions to the best of my ability. Thank you in advance. Ryan.