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  1. Fiesta Mk6.5 window regulator

    That's great, thank you. Hopefully I have the correct Torx sizes! I don't fancy buying another set...
  2. Thumping noise from tyres

    I'm hoping it's just feathering on my front tyres that's causing the noise. Never had the problem before. Hopefully it's just that set of tyres that were prone to it for whatever reason. I'll reply to this thread when I replace the tyres to let you all know if it was that set of tyres or the new set on the rear.
  3. The window regulator on my 3-door Mk6.5 is knackered - seems to be chewing its own cable. The electric window does wind down but it struggles. Is it worth replacing just the regulator or would the motor need replacing as well? I couldn't find a guide on here but would be very grateful if anyone has any knowledge to share, and possibly a list of tools I'll need.
  4. Car insurance renewal

    Hi Dan. I appreciate you getting in touch. The price offered by Adrian Flux was very competitive and the cheapest, but for £25 more I was offered better cover by a much more reputable underwriter. I intend to try Adrian Flux next year to see what prices are offered and by which underwriters.
  5. Car insurance renewal

    Just rang Direct Line. They've dropped my estimated mileage to 12k from 13k because I calculated it at 11,700 per year, and the premium came down to £324.80. For the sake of £5.81 I might as well stay. Saves the hassle of switching and waiting for cashback to track with Hastings. The excess is £25 more with Direct Line but I don't think it's worth the hassle over.
  6. Car insurance renewal

    Just spoke to Direct Line. The best price they can offer is £332.64, down from £367.36.
  7. Car insurance renewal

    Thanks for the reply. Markerstudy via Flux were the cheapest last year but a couple of the Ford Owners Club members warned me off. Hastings has a compulsory excess of £95 and a voluntary excess of £50, Direct Line has a voluntary excess of £150 and Markerstudy has an excess of £250. Flux asked Markerstudy if they could lower the excess but they wouldn't because I'm younger than 30.
  8. Car insurance renewal

    The policy before last they brought the renewal price down after haggling over the phone because Hastings were cheaper. I'll ring Direct Line later and see if they can match Hastings.
  9. Looking for some advice. My car insurance is due for renewal in a few days. The cheapest quotes are: Hastings Direct £378 total premium - £55 cashback = £323 after cashback Adrian Flux £300 total premium - Markerstudy Direct Line £367 total premium (renewal) All companies have offered a courtesy car, PNCB, legal cover and for the same estimated mileage. What are your thoughts?
  10. Thumping noise from tyres

    I couldn't feel any feathering on the tyres but the guys at the garage said they could feel very minor feathering. That might be the cause of the noise. What would cause feathering of the tyres? The shocks, etc. were all okay.
  11. Thumping noise from tyres

    Have some news but there was no obvious cause. Wheel nuts, balance weights, tracking, shocks, bushes and bearings all checked and were fine. The only cause of the problem we could think of is the long time between tyre rotations. The tyres were on the back for 3 years/32k miles. They're on 4mm at the moment and they'll need to be changed soon.
  12. Thumping noise from tyres

    In all honesty I can't tell where the noise is coming from. I drove to my friend's house to pick him up this morning and he could hear the tyres thumping down the road and said it was quite noisy. Then in the car he said he could hear the noise as well. I'm fairly certain it's the front tyres - which were on the back and had done about 32k miles over about 3 years on the back before being rotated to the front.
  13. Thumping noise from tyres

    Just checked the wheel nuts - torqued up fine and the tyres are fitted with the outside markings on the outside of the wheel arch. Couldn't see any arrows on the asymmetric tyres but the outside markings are on the outside of the tyre.
  14. Thumping noise from tyres

    No loose trim under the wheel arch nor any bunnies in the backseat The steering wheel doesn't shake at all and I've ruled out any weights catching on the calipers. The sound isn't a heavy thump, but a cross between a light thump and a helicopter noise It's difficult to describe but it definitely sounds like something caught in the tread, and the noise speeds up and slows down in rhythm with the speed of the car. It's noticeable when I'm driving 20mph+. The plug in the 3rd photo is an old puncture repair but I doubt this would be making the noise. The front tyres are on 4mm so they're due to be replaced soon, but I'd still like to resolve the cause of the issue before replacing the tyres. I've run my hands over the tyres and they feel smooth - no feathering or dips indicative of cupping. I read on another forum that this could be the result of waiting a long time between rotations. It was also mentioned that tyres wear in a pattern and "take a set" from the position they were in. The cords "get used to" which way they were running and the thread wears out differently front and back. Apparently when you drive it and they start to wear in their new position the noise will go away. Hopefully this is the case.
  15. Thumping noise from tyres

    Hi guys, Need some advice. I had new tyres fitted to the rear of the car last week, and the tyres that were once on the rear rotated to the front. Since then, there's a thumping noise coming from somewhere. It speeds up and slows down with the rhythm of the car. I've had a look at the tread and inner surfaces of the tyres and there doesn't seem to be anything caught in the tread or defects with the sidewalls. I'm due to take the car back in on Saturday for it to be checked but was hoping to be given some advice in the meantime.