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  1. Just thought I'd post a reply. The garage took a chance and replaced the driver side caliper for cost price of the part and no charge for labour. It worked. Then the passenger side caliper went a few days ago and they replaced that free of charge.
  2. They bought the car in straight away as soon as we handed it back. The V5 was signed to release the car into the trade. I'll speak to the sales manager and get a price as close to £7300 as possible.
  3. I've been keeping an eye on my better half's old Fiesta which is currently up for sale. She had it on a Ford Options plan and handed it back in July this year. Since then, it's remained unsold. The settlement figure was £7300 - I could've paid that and walked away with the car. At the time I didn't see the point in paying all that money only for the novelty to wear off. I went down to Day's in Plasmarl last weekend and had a chat about a deal for cash. The salesman said there was no discount and 4 other families have expressed an interest in the car. I wasn't buying his tactic of saying other families were interested for a second. My counter-argument was that the car has remained unsold since July and they had already dropped the price from £9300 to £8900 because they can't shift the car. The salesman had none of it, so I walked away. Any advice on how to haggle for the best deal? I can always approach my local Day's branch and discuss a finance deal in order to get a discount on the car, and then pay the balance off after a month.
  4. I started to have second thoughts this morning about whether the novelty of having a new Fiesta will wear off
  5. Just a thought: I plan to buy my new car and then sell my Fiesta on Gumtree. I've checked the prices of insurance for a basic policy just to cover the car for someone to test drive and the first instalment is £40 and then the monthly instalments are £38. It seems sensible to SORN the car but then it would mean a potential buyer couldn't test drive it. Edit: I changed the oil on the car last Monday and noted the mileage. I've travelled 239 miles since then. That works out as 12,428 miles a year. My average mileage calculation a few days ago was about 12k miles a year.
  6. Looking at past MOTs, I travelled 14k mikes for one year. Between the last couple of MOTs I travelled 10k miles. Since this year's MOT I've travelled on average 1k miles a month (I think!)
  7. I've worked out it'll be roughly 12k miles a year.
  8. That's true. I know of a couple of good independents around my area. I suppose my first task is to work out whether I should choose a diesel or a petrol.
  9. I've had my trusty Fiesta Mk6 Style Climate 1.25 petrol for 5 years and now it's time for a change. I travel 12k maybe 13k miles a year. I travel to the office 3 times a week which is a 50-mile round trip via mostly on the motorway and A roads. I work from home for the other 2 weekdays and then on the weekend it's the usual social driving. I have a few possible choices of new car in mind: Audi A3 1.6 TDI Ford Fiesta 1 litre EcoBoost VW Golf 1.6 TDI My budget is £10k cash. I'll be selling my Fiesta on Gumtree. I'd really appreciate some advice as to whether I should opt for a petrol or diesel. I'm after a hatchback or saloon that is relatively cheap to service. I did consider perhaps a BMW 1 series diesel but the servicing costs of an BMW and perhaps the Audi put me off (apparently the servicing is expensive). I had a Fiesta Zetec S EcoBoost 125bhp a few months back as a courtesy car and absolutely loved it; the drive, the power and the comfort.
  10. My breakdown cover is about to expire along with my current car insurance policy. I was thinking of signing up to AutoAid again (I was with them a couple of years ago but never had to call them out). Are the reviews of AutoAid still positive? I was perhaps thinking of going with GEM, AA or one of the other big boys. But obviously the prices of policies elsewhere is more expensive. Would appreciate any advice.
  11. Thanks for getting back to me. Think I'll leave them well alone.
  12. Thanks for the replies. Think I'll stick with Direct Line.
  13. Looking for some advice. My car insurance is due for renewal in a few days. The two cheapest quotes are: Direct Line £150 accidental damage excess £10 windscreen repair excess £70 windscreen replacement excess £323 total premium - £30 cashback = £293 after cashback Adrian Flux £250 accidental damage excess £25 windscreen repair excess £80 windscreen replacement excess £300 total premium Both companies have offered a courtesy car, PNCB, legal cover and for the same estimated mileage. My thoughts are - Direct Line is cheaper after cashback, but for a difference of £7, the policy with Adrian Flux would have to be cheaper with them or elsewhere come the next renewal. What are your thoughts? Ignoring the £23 difference (pre cashback); the Direct Line policy has lower excesses. For the sake of less than £2 p/m (pre cashback); I was thinking of taking the lower excess one. The policy offered by Adrian Flux is underwritten by Markerstudy Ltd. Just checked their Defaqto rating; 1 star. I thought it would've been higher seeing as Adrian Flux are quite reputable.
  14. My Fiesta Mk6 1.25 petrol is due a service in December. I was looking through the Haynes manual last night and noticed a recommendation to check and adjust the valve clearances. I can't remember the interval but my Fiesta is due. The engine runs smooth and sweet. Should I check the valve clearances anyway? I've not done it before; is it a difficult task? Should I perhaps take the car to a garage instead for this one job?
  15. I could get a new rubber washer from CarParts4Less for 12p. My local GMF has a Corteco sump plug and washer for £3.60. I've changed just the washer before but I wondered if perhaps plug itself should be changed as well because the threads look prone to damage.