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  1. I could get a new rubber washer from CarParts4Less for 12p. My local GMF has a Corteco sump plug and washer for £3.60. I've changed just the washer before but I wondered if perhaps plug itself should be changed as well because the threads look prone to damage.
  2. I plan to change the oil and filter on my Mk6 Fiesta this weekend. I remember the Haynes manual said to check and renew the O-ring washer for the sump plug if necessary but it didn't mention anything about renewing the plug itself. A few sources say to renew the sump plug for each oil change. Is it better to be cautious and change the sump plug?
  3. I don't know what else to say or do. I would've serviced the car myself but didn't have the time. I'm in the position I'm in. The garage has a good reputation and I feel I've been taken for a mug, if at all. Now I have this issue with the car and all I want is for it to be put right. I had no choice but to take his word for it and see how the car goes. I didn't know what other questions to ask when I collected the car.
  4. Had the car back. The owner of the garage said that the caliper carrier was probably bent a little, so they applied a bar to bend it back a bit. They said they've seen this with a few Fiestas. I asked what would cause it to bend. He said the caliper bolts were probably on tight and the force applied by one of the mechanics to loosen the bolts probably bent the carrier. The owner is honest enough and I've gone to him quite a few times before. I was a bit miffed to hear about the carrier. I suppose some force needed to have been applied if the bolts were seized in place. Miffed nonetheless. Either way, they have been willing to do everything they can to sort it out. They wanted to try fixing the carrier before ordering a new one. He asked me to see how it goes for a week or two and to let him know.
  5. Me too. When I dropped the car off, I asked what would cause a hub to go out of shape, and they said 'probably us taking the caliper off and putting it back on, or sometimes corrosion'. I'll ask for details of what they did to reshape a hub and why it was out of shape in the first place.
  6. Right, the garage mentioned this morning that they don't think it's the caliper. They mentioned they think it's the hub which is out of shape and has possibly been bent by removing and re-fitting the caliper, and also due to corrosion. The car is ready. I asked over the phone what they found and also what was done to fix it. They said the hub was out of shape, so they've re-shaped it. I'll have a detailed chat when I go down there shortly.
  7. Thanks for the info. The car is due to go back to the original garage this morning for a thorough strip-down. I'll let you know what they say.
  8. They couldn't find the root cause. They had the car up on the ramp and said the calipers looked fine. I suspect the calipers would be easy to test because you can see the sliding pins pushing the pads onto the disc. They didn't want to delve too deep. They said everything looked fine and the want me to call them back if the other garage finds the cause.
  9. I've just dropped the car off at a different local garage for a second opinion. A good friend of the family recommended this garage, so I have confidence. I rang the garage this morning and explained the situation. They're happy to take a look and let me know if they find the cause. I'll have the car back in a few hours.
  10. I don't see why I should pay for new discs and pads. I paid the garage to carry out the work and they can put it right - why should I pay again?. That is not directed at you at all. After further looking at the photos, I suspect they've fitted the pads and then applied copper slip grease to the areas of the pads that they can see, instead of applying copper slip grease to the whole area of the back of the pads and then fitting. Is that likely? And to top it off - on my way down to the garage earlier this week, the passenger window started crunching as I tried to put it down. I think the regulator has had its day. I tried the passenger side switch and that didn't work either. Looks like I'll have to replace the regulator and the switch now, too
  11. This has me worried. Should I push for a replacement set of pads and discs? I'll buy some copper slip grease for the pads and caliper slide pins. I would've thought a silicone grease would be used for the caliper guide pins? Good point. I won't mention a word.
  12. Thanks for your replies, both. How can you tell the garage was bodging the pads to make them fit? Are they the right pads? I might take the discs and pads off, clean the mating surface and re-grease the pads. What grease would I need to grease the caliper slide pins? I was hesitant about taking the car to the garage in December. They have a good reputation locally but I'm surprised there is another issue with the brakes. I might take the time this Saturday to strip the brakes down, clean and grease them up and see how it goes. Then if the problem cures itself before Wednesday, I'll just cancel the appointment.
  13. Hi all, My Fiesta Mk6 had its MOT in April this year and failed on pads (below 1.5mm, even though it was serviced by the same garage in December 2015 and they said the brakes were fine and I mentioned the upcoming MOT in April). The pads and discs were changed by the garage. About a month/1000 miles later, the brakes started to squeal badly. I took the car back in and they noticed the discs weren't being worn down evenly - only half of each disc was being worn where the pads were making contact. The garage filed off the pads in the hope they would sit flat on the discs. The problem persisted and they changed the pads and discs under warranty. The problem has occurred again roughly a month/1500 miles later but this time only on the driver's side and the garage doesn't think it's an issue with the pads and discs; they think it's an issue with the caliper. The brakes didn't squeal before they were changed for the MOT - I would've thought if there was an issue with the caliper and the brakes weren't sitting flat, they would've squealed anyway even though they were worn? I've attached some photos to show the driver and passenger side brakes. The car is booked in for Wednesday next week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. My bonnet latch is starting to play up (grease fixed it before) and the battery terminals could also do with a clean. I've come across Comma multipurpose grease in Wilko but is it suitable for battery terminals and bonnet latches? Or would perhaps white lithium grease be more suitable?
  15. Hi all, I've been using a pair of Ultimate Speed axle stands for the past few years to support the weight of my Mk6 Fiesta whenever I've serviced it. The axle stands are the collapsible ones and rated up to 2 tonnes. They've served me fairly well. I was wandering around Halfords yesterday looking at their shiny spanner sets and glanced at the axle stands on the shelf. I noticed a set that are rated up to 3 tonnes, so I began to question my set - they're rated up to 2 tonnes, but I'm fairly certain that's the combined weight for both stands, not the weight per stand. So then I wondered - are they good enough, in terms of when I jack the car up on one side and slide an axle stand underneath, and then go to the other side and do the same. If the stands can hold up to 1 tonne each, is it 'safe' for one stand to temporarily hold up one side of the car until I do the other? I always check the stands over before I use them and they seem fine. Am I being a little paranoid about one stand (rated to 1 tonne) temporarily holding up one side of the car? Or should I buy a new set of stands that can hold up to 1.5 tonnes each?