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  1. Possible coolant leak

    Thanks for the replies. It's freezing where I am at the moment so that might explain it. I didn't know that the level would drop when it's cold - you learn something new every day. I'll keep an eye on it.
  2. Fiesta Mk6.5 window regulator

    The breakers yard I bought my other parts from can supply the end part for £10 posted. I've contacted a few other yards on eBay; one got back to me and quoted £15 including P+P.
  3. Possible coolant leak

    I did some quick weekly checks on my 2008 Fiesta Mk6.5 earlier (oil level, coolant level, etc.) and noticed that the coolant level was on the midway point but I'm certain it was higher a few weeks ago. I slightly suspect a coolant leak but I'm not certain - I'll top up the fluid and see how it goes. I'll check the expansion cap and pipes that I can see but are there any other checks I can carry out? The timing belt is due in June 2018 but would the water pump be leaking as it's coming up to 10-years old?
  4. Fiesta Mk6.5 window regulator

    I can definitely separate the broken one from the latch wire. I've contacted the breakers yard where I had my new regulator and inner door card from. Hopefully the guy can help. He knows the part and has asked for a photo.
  5. Fiesta Mk6.5 window regulator

    Thanks. Seems more expensive than the part I posted. I'll see if I can source just the lock control cable rather than the control cable and door latch otherwise it makes sense for me to buy the cable and latch for £20 rather than £30 for just a new cable.
  6. Fiesta Mk6.5 window regulator

    Just had a quick look on eBay and the closest thing I could find is this.
  7. Fiesta Mk6.5 window regulator

    Bit of a nightmare situation. The door latch fell down and got caught in the door when my friend closed it, so the door latch has snapped. Is it possible to replace that small plastic part or does the whole locking mechanism need replacing? I've highlighted the part in red, and the damage in yellow.
  8. Fiesta Mk6.5 window regulator

    After finally getting around to ordering the parts, I'm ready to fix the window. But I noticed a bit of damage on the back of my door card (pic attached) where it hooks onto a lip on the metal door frame. The very, very small broken section won't seem to affect the door card holding onto the door itself, but I'd like to glue it. Can't use plastic glue because the door card is polypropylene, but I have some Loctite superglue to hand. I've heard mixed things about Gorilla Glue, so I'm wary of buying it.
  9. Potential battery issues

    Yeah lol - was worried the terminals had started to corrode but turns out it was just old grease and dirt but it came off quite easily. I read in the Haynes Manual about letting the car sit at idle and wait for it to reach operating temperature so that it can relearn; I let the car sit for 5-10 minutes and it reached about a quarter of the operating temperature before I took it for a drive. Did I leave the car idle for long enough or would it be worth disconnecting the battery, reconnect it and let the car sit for longer?
  10. Potential battery issues

    All done. Spent a bit of time cleaning the terminals thoroughly with some baking soda/water mix and a wire brush - they came up like new! Then coated them with some white lithium grease. Quite pleased with it - now I know it's been done properly and the terminals are fine.
  11. Potential battery issues

    Had the new battery delivered and gave it a once-over. There's some slight pitting on the positive terminal and some very slight discoloration at the bottom of the negative terminal. Is this anything to worry about?
  12. Potential battery issues

    Thanks for putting my mind at ease, guys. The new battery is due to be delivered tomorrow. I found my dad''s old battery terminal cleaning brush in my shed, so I'm pretty much set for this job on Saturday.
  13. Potential battery issues

    I'd definitely replace the terminal clamps if they were that easy. I'd consider replacing the terminals on my Fiesta but I can't see where the other end is fastened to.
  14. Potential battery issues

    I'll clean them up this weekend and fit the new battery anyway, and I'll post some photos of the terminals after a good clean. I found some spare negative and positive terminal cables on eBay. They look relatively easy to fit - no re-wiring of cables nor soldering, or am I completely wrong?
  15. Potential battery issues

    Corrosion is something I was dreading. Is it worth just getting the terminals replaced? My Fiesta Mk6.5 has a 1.25 petrol engine, and it's a 2008 plate (02-08).