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  1. Potential battery issues

    Had the new battery delivered and gave it a once-over. There's some slight pitting on the positive terminal and some very slight discoloration at the bottom of the negative terminal. Is this anything to worry about?
  2. Potential battery issues

    Thanks for putting my mind at ease, guys. The new battery is due to be delivered tomorrow. I found my dad''s old battery terminal cleaning brush in my shed, so I'm pretty much set for this job on Saturday.
  3. Potential battery issues

    I'd definitely replace the terminal clamps if they were that easy. I'd consider replacing the terminals on my Fiesta but I can't see where the other end is fastened to.
  4. Potential battery issues

    I'll clean them up this weekend and fit the new battery anyway, and I'll post some photos of the terminals after a good clean. I found some spare negative and positive terminal cables on eBay. They look relatively easy to fit - no re-wiring of cables nor soldering, or am I completely wrong?
  5. Potential battery issues

    Corrosion is something I was dreading. Is it worth just getting the terminals replaced? My Fiesta Mk6.5 has a 1.25 petrol engine, and it's a 2008 plate (02-08).
  6. Potential battery issues

    The terminals seem to be clamped tightly. Would you say the terminals are in good condition?
  7. Potential battery issues

    Bosch S4 063 from CarParts4Less is £50.67 delivered, and from Tayna it's £56.92 delivered. The Bosch S4 is 207mm in length whereas the only battery (according to the reg lookup) from Tayna is a 065 Enduroline and that's 242mm in length. Strange...
  8. Potential battery issues

    Just checked the voltages using the instrument cluster method. The output is about 12v when the engine is off and between 14.3v-14.5v when the engine is running. Edit: The car is currently on about 85k miles.
  9. Potential battery issues

    The car struggled a bit to start again this morning, it was frosty outside, so I think I'd better replace the battery this weekend before it gives up the ghost. Looking at the Bosch S4 - or would the S5 be better? Was looking at Yuasa - they claim their batteries are silver calcium...
  10. Potential battery issues

    Thanks, guys. I thought I'd check because I've read a few conflicting posts online; some suggest to put Vaseline on the battery posts before connecting the clamps, and others suggest to put Vaseline on after connecting the clamps.
  11. Potential battery issues

    Would anyone be able to offer some advice on how to clean the battery terminals, and a decent battery terminal grease? Would I need to coat the terminals and battery poles before connecting the terminals, or apply grease only after connecting the terminals?
  12. Potential battery issues

    My battery is Ford branded, so I reckon it's the original. I think I'll replace my battery just in case - it's old enough anyway and I think it's on its way out. Just had a quick look on ECP and they have the Bosch S3, S4 and S5 - no idea which one to pick for my Fiesta, or if perhaps Yuasa is any better.
  13. Potential battery issues

    Agreed. Would it be worth having my battery tested to be sure? What are the recommendations for a battery? I was looking at Bosch but Yuasa seem to be recommended as well.
  14. Potential battery issues

    Bit of history; I've had my 2008 Mk6.5 Fiesta for just under 7 years and the battery seems to the original Ford silver calcium battery. At the moment I car share with a friend for work journeys and my car was left standing on my drive for a week a few weeks ago, but when I went to drive it on the weekend on the same week the car struggled to start - as if the battery was dead. Tonight, same thing happened and the car has only been standing for a couple of days. I went to turn the ignition over and the symptoms were that of a dead battery, but the car started after a second or so. My hunch is that the battery is on its way out, but I wanted to post here to ask for some advice before taking the next step. The car has never suffered any issues starting, even in freezing temperatures, until recently.
  15. Fiesta Mk6.5 window regulator

    It was one of the first things I asked for at Pic-Up Spares in Swansea; they said they don't keep any of them. I'll ring around a few more in the area tomorrow but I don't have much hope.