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  1. 2008 Mondeo Tdci Zetec Question

    As long as the car has been looked after & had regular oil changes the timing chain in the 2.2 should last the life of the car. I have the same engine in my Titanium coupled to a 6 speed gearbox, it's a very lively engine (same engine as used in the ST TDCi). The car came with a bill for a new clutch & DMF at a cost of £1100 so check if that has been changed! Injectors can be a common problem. Mine has been faultless so far and I love it.
  2. Low Fuel Economy

    You will be surprised how much difference a faulty MAF, or wiring in your case, can affect economy. Going from your previous posts you have had this wiring problem for a while now, it's definately not helping your situation so getting the wiring fixed should be your first priority, then see what your MPG figures are like.
  3. Were the exhaust heat shields checked at the time the exhaust was checked? Does it sound like a metallic vibration?
  4. Come on guys, where are our manners? We should all be ready and fingers poised over your keyboards/screens to reply the minute a post from fastlife is seen. Ok, ready........ Pfft. On a serious note, be patient & adjust your attitude. Why not ask your 'Mechanic friend' too?
  5. Friend of mine has just sold his 2.0 GLSi for £2000 & his XR4x4 for £5000!
  6. Try disconnecting the battery earth for an hour to reset the ECU then try it again. Also the wiring to the ISCV is known to break sometimes so give that a good check too.
  7. Oh Dear

    I think his wife slightly overshot the garage.
  8. Wow, words fail me. What a Wazzock.
  9. Things I Don't Like

    Having to get up at 4:30am pick up 2 mates then on to oulton park rally day :) and im still awake!
  10. Central Heating Timer Advice.(Plumbers)

    Don't know about anyone else but my brain hurts! :)
  11. Maximum mpg is achieved at a constant speed with very few variations, all the stop start traffic, sat idling at lights and speeding up & slowing down does nothing for your mpg, in fact if your commute is only a few miles a day you would be better off with a petrol car. Diesels are more efficient on longer journeys. Manufacturers mpg figures are plucked out of thin air, I know of nobody who gets close to the claimed figures.
  12. As Phil has suggested, I'd be inclined to swap wheels back to front to eliminate the front alloys, if you still have issues then something else has been damaged or worn.
  13. Headlights

    In reflector headlights or projector lenses?
  14. 1985 Mk2 Ford Fiesta Keys

    Take a door lock out then pay a visit to a good locksmith or Ford with your V5, should be able to cut a key to the lock number.
  15. Cheapest option is buy a used caliper from a breakers yard to try, next cheapest would be a reconditioned unit, depends on your preference. I wouldn't bother replacing discs or pads again until you have ruled out the caliper. Other causes could be wheel bearing, steering component issue ie steering rack or a track rod end, or a worn bush or ball joint.