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  1. Hi folks :) I'm hoping someone can help because this is puzzling me crazy! I drive a ford fiesta mk4 zetec 1.25 (1999) W reg - Normally when I drive on my own no matter what terrain it is it's as sweet as a nut. Sometimes when I have passengers it's a different story! So here is the scenario........ I start the car and leave to warm up for a few minutes before moving off. Once I'm driving along all seems fine and then I hit a hill (with passenger only this happens) ..... the car struggles and when I reach the top of the hill the car dies. It takes a few turns of the key to get started again and it seems the only way to keep the car running once I have managed to get started again is to push the accelerator in to keep the revs up ......while doing this I move off again and after a few yards the car is running sweet again! This is the third time it's done this, and as I've said it only happens when I have a passenger .....other times I don't even get a cough. This latest occurrence did happen when I pushed in the clutch to change down gear ....but other times it has happened when I haven't. This is really puzzling me ....... I've changed the air filter, fuel filter, cam belt and I always put in the correct oil type and other fluids topped up to what ford recommends. I do have a thought it could maybe be the fuel pump? I can hear it fire up for a few seconds when I turn the ignition so I'm not sure if it's on its way out! Any suggestions people? I'd gratefully appreciate your help! Thanks! Graham :)
  2. Hi there folks! Would just like to greet everyone on this forum as I'm a new member here :) I'm the proud owner of a 2000 (W reg) Ford fiesta 1.25 Zetec. I passed my test only last September but always had family members with Fiesta's so grew up with them so decided to take this route myself once I passed my test! I must admit, I've never looked back! After a bit of work on it and a (finally) passed MOT this car is an absolute pleasure to drive - finding myself becoming more than a little addicted lol :) I'm still learning about cars so would love to hear any suggestions or any tips from fellow fiesta owners :) My kindest regards to you all! :-) gjwilson80