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  1. Iv just brought a 2004 Ford Mondeo Ghia 2.0 petrol.. When test drove it all the electric windows worked and now the passenger front window will not work from passenger door or from drivers door.. the other 3 elec windows work perfectly.. does any1 know what the problem could be.. iv got a long journey to do in it on monday and need it working before i go.. other than that it is a brilliant car..
  2. Iv got the chance of a Mk3 Ford Mondeo Ghia X 2.0 Diesel Automatic with 89000miles on the clock with full MOT but the only fault is the speedo doesnt work.. will it be an easy fix and simple to do or a nightmare job.. any help would be appreciated..
  3. Iv got the chance of a Mk3 Ford Mondeo Ghis X 2.0 Diesel Automatic with 89000miles on the clock with full MOT but the only fault is the speedo doesnt work.. will it be an easy fix and simple to do or a nightmare job.. any help would be appreciated..
  4. Thankyou.. So it means my fuel gauge will pack up eventually.. I always make sure its got atleast 1/4 tank.. Its a juicy fuka anyway, lol.. I get 14mpg around town and 30mpg if im lucky on a run.. lol..
  5. Mk1 ford focus 1.8 petrol 2000 W reg.. The car was playing up so i did the dash test and it has come up with DTC 9202.. Google says its the fuel sender open but what does it mean, is it fuel system or electrical problem..
  6. Ok kool thankyou.. i will let you kno what we find wrong wi brakes n if a new driveshafts fixes the problem..
  7. Could it have been a dodgy caliper i got then? It will ave to wait til next month now but il ask my dad to strip the caliper down when he does the driveshaft.. do you think it will b ok jus to replace passemger driveshaft or should i replace drivers side at same time.. i know if 1 goes the others prob not far off unless i did damage it.. but if i can jus chamge the pass side to see if it stops it before i spend out on the otherside, it would make findin the money abit more easier, especially if it turns out iv caused damage to gearbox..
  8. The passenger side brake sticks if ya have to brake hard & it pulls to the right under hard braking & pulls to the left when changing gear.. Very strange.. i think its coz i drive a different (small KA) car around town that im noticing all these faults more i think.. id gotten so used to everything gradually goin that i never payed any attention when it was the only car i was using but after driving a different car, its all way too noticable.. The KA feels like a merc compared to my Escort atm.. lol.. and the strange thing is the KA seats are actually more comfortable on a longer journey than my escorts aswell but theres nothing like my own car to drive tho.. its a nice enough car to drive but i hate driving my mates KA.. lol
  9. It seems to do it as you lift off the clutch to take up drive & over bumps.. i was wondering if the pulling to left when changing gear could have anything to do with shock absorbers?? They seem to be fine but my back ones seemed fine and kept goin thru MOT even tho i knew they had had it 2 MOT's ago and altho they seemed fine if you bounced them driving along they used to bang and when we changed them, they were that bad, it had snapped the springs aswell.. but im soo worried about spending too much money that i dont have, to find its not that but summin else if you can understand that.. i cant afford to take it to a garage to get it looked at either.. so i think, its guna be a case of slowly replacing everything bit by bit.. it only gets used for the long runs now, i only drive it around town once a week to keep everything ticking over..
  10. Thankyou.. what il do next month is replace the driveshaft an see what its like.. do you think its ok to just replace passenger side driveshaft or should they both be replaced.. Coz i couldnt be without a car, instead of replacing the caliper i just kept goin which has caused more problems, the old brake pads had crumbled & the old discs were badly warped then melted CV joint so that will teach for ignoring it.. im praying i havent damage the gearbox coz i really do love my Escort & iv never liked a car enough to keep it for 3 yrs.. normally after 6 months im bored n theyre out the door.. iv left many Audi TT's & boy racers standing in my old escort, without even trying.. But i do know she is well overdue a service but i dont want to do that until i know everything else is right, incase iv damages gearbox, i may have to scrap it even tho i dont want to..
  11. Me & my dad dun it.. my dads fixed all his own cars & lots of other peoples etc for the last 20yrs so it was dun properly..
  12. Iv got the chance to replace my Escort with a new Vectra @ end of the month but iv tried before & cant bring myself to get rid of my faithful, reliable Escort.. lol.. plus iv spent soo much on it this year, its not worth selling now anyway,i may aswell just get driveshaft (if that is the problem) replaced n weld the exhaust coz thats all it needs.. but if iv damaged the gearbox then i will cut my losses coz thats too big a job for me to do at the roadside coz nowhere else to do it atm..
  13. It started knocking about 3 days after CV Joints were replaced.. the driveshaft looked ok, but needed it drivable so tbh it looked ok so just put driveshaft back on.. buts it started knocking from Gearbox area 3 days after cv joints were replaced.. i drive it the same as i always have dun so we can only assume that the pulling left is to do with the driveshaft..
  14. Brakes were all brought new from Car accessory shop Wilcos,i assume the caliper could have been reconditioned coz they gave me a tenner back for taking them my old caliper...
  15. The caliper seems to be freeing up & apart from shooting right under braking its alot better than it was, it doesnt really get used much so wondering if the brakes need bedding in properly?? When you dip the clutch to change gear it kinda pulls to the left.. almost feels like the steering wheel isnt connected if that makes sense.. iv gotten use to movinf the steering wheel to accomadate the pulling left when changing gear and same wi braking but i darnt let any1 else drive it..