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  1. thanks for the reply Mcbain, i will get my mate to have a look at the hoses and see what we have got. anyone got any other ideas to look for whilst its up on the ramp thanks
  2. Guys, over the last couple of weeks my car has developed a bit of a fault. whilst coasting at any speed, the car judders slightly, every sort of 3 seconds, its a sort of cycle with power and then lack of power, when the power is "on" there is dark smoke coming from the exhaust, and then when the power is "off" the smoke goes, i have also noticed a drop in fuel economy and a slight loss of power...... my mate had a quick look and done a leak off test (i think that was what it was) and the 4 bottles filled at nigh on the same rate. the injectors were replaced on the 24/10/13, before i brought the car, (this was confirmed by recipt and by the garage). i have no dash lights on, and there are no codes showing any ideas please
  3. hi guys, probably the first of many stupid questions, hopefully goona get a 2006 mondeo tdci zetec, nothing to amazing but im gonna really miss my heated seats, can the leather heated and cooled seats be retro fitted to my car?? cheers
  4. thanks for all the replys, hope youi all have had a great time, merry christmas to you all :D
  5. thanks for the replys guys, i have just been going through the forum reading up on modeo problems...... so if i get the car, how do i tell if its the euro 3 / 4 engine and is it a case of just fitting the ERG blanking plate, (saved in my Ebay watch list already) and thats it??? where/what is the AUX belt and how do i check it? how do you check a turbo? sorry if i sound stupid, but i am :(
  6. Hi, after spending a shed load of money on my car (Skoda), i have decided to get shot of it, and after speaking with my mechanic best friend get a mondeo, i am looking for about a 2004-5 model hopefully a ghia x 2ltr TDCI, but my buget is about £2000-£2500, so im into the 100,000 mile as least territory, so my first (of many i guess) is what do i look out for considering the mileage, do these have ERG valves of DPFs, if so are they a cheap/easy fix timing belt or chain ect ect any help would be great as i know nothing about motors many thanks in advance, Neil
  7. Hi all, i live in hampshire and i thought i would join as looking to get a mondeo within the christmas break as my car has to go :( , so will be looking for some help to some probably very stupid questions in the very near future, anyway off now to the relevant section, to start the questions........