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  1. Help with 2001 Focus stereo compatibility please?

    Just had a proper look, and it's the speaker block that doesn't fit. Also, the 6006 is dated 2007 on the sticker, but it is the 'old model' with the knob on the left....
  2. Hi all - I'm new, so apologies if I'm posting in the wrong section! I've just bought a 2001 Focus Ghia, which has the original 5000 stereo unit fitted. I wanted to upgrade this, so bought a 6006 unit off Ebay. As the 6006 appears in my stereo handbook, I assumed it would be a direct replacement, but unfortunately the plugs are different. From what I can see by searching online, stereo fittings were the same from 98 to 04, but one Ford chap said that they changed in 2001. Does anyone know how I can identify a Ford CD player that uses the pre-2001 fittings? I don't want to buy another redundant unit!!