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  1. Usb Leads, Etc

    Can do, but would have thought the gps signal wouldnt be great in the glovebox? Fine for music though.
  2. Usb Leads, Etc

    Hi all, I've just finished installing my new stereo, the Pioneer avh-x3500dab. Cracking stereo! After fitting it yesterday, i got to the stage where most of it was working, but not DAB. Realised the issue today was that I'd used the wrong size splicer to connect the DAB splitter. After switching to a smaller size, it's now got the power and is picking up a load of dab stations. Success! Next question though, what do you guys do with the usb leads, etc... It connects to the phone for appradio mode, so not sure its any good sat in the glovebox. Currently, i have ot coming out of the blank by the windscreen heater, but it doesn't look great... Any suggestions? Cheers James
  3. Quick Checklist Help Please

    Hi Peter, happy to go with any source, cheaper the better, just need to check i have the right kit before i splash the cash. Any advice on whether i have everything needed? Cheers James
  4. Quick Checklist Help Please

    Anyone? Cheers
  5. Quick Checklist Help Please

    Hi, i finally decided after much toing and froing to get a pioneer avh-x3500dab as an upgrade on the bog standard cd6000. Having ordered the stereo itself, i'm now after a bit of a hand with the extra parts if poss? I've read through the fitting guide by Brigante which has helped me decide i should be able to do the fitting myself. Car is a focus '59, zetec 1.6 Harness - i'm a noob to this, so be kind... Is this right to cover the harness and the stalk controller? http://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/ford-focus-mondeo-smax-2007-steering-wheel-stalk-control-interface-adaptor-p-38247.html#.UsNDxjIgGK0 Fascia Thinking this is right.. http://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/connects2-ct23fd09-ford-mondeo-focus-cmax-double-din-silver-fascia-kit-p-11436.html#.UsNEfTIgGK0 Dab splitter Radio is dab, but to make my life easier, i think this means i can use the same existing aerial for both am/fm and dab? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kinetic-DAA-7001-FM-AM-to-DAB-FM-AM-car-aerial-splitter-adaptor-/110838254211 I think i'll also need an aerial adapter to plug the existing aerial lead into the splitter, that'll then plug straight into the unit? No link for that, fairly comfortable, ish... Is there anything i've forgotten, or more rightly missed, or got totally wrong? Any help very much appreciated... Cheers, James
  6. Oem Style Stereos

    Thanks guys, but think my head has been turned by the extra gadgets that come with the oem style stereos with gps, touchscreen, etc... If i'm spending upwards of £200, i might as well get more bang for my buck. Does anyone have a good long term experience of these, or are they fit for replacement after a few months? Cheers James
  7. Oem Style Stereos

    Cheers Jake. Do you mean the sony oem stereos? Reading up, i thought they were pretty awkward to retrofit to a standard cd6000, Especially if it was dab.
  8. Oem Style Stereos

    It's a 2010 '59 plate, mk 2.5 i believe? Cheers
  9. Oem Style Stereos

    Hi all, new member here... Got my focus at the start of december and since then have been fed up with the poor radio. I generally listen to radio 5 but thats not even close to possible with this radio. Ever since, i've been thinking about upgrading it. Two options i can see, one being a branded make, something like the kenwood ddx 4023, or the other option being one of the oem styles off ebay. Both have pros, both have cons. Knowing that a few of you guys have installed the asure radios, i was hoping someone may be able to provide a longer term opinion. All those i've seen so far have been within the first couple of weeks of owning one. Any help appreciated Cheers James