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  1. TDCI Turbo Issue

    Will it cause any damage not getting this EGR valve replaced if it's faulty? I will do in a couple of months but now isn't a good time - just want to check I won't be damaging anything by leaving it.
  2. TDCI Turbo Issue

    Would the EGR valve only be sticking when the engine was cold though? I've just taken it out for a drive and it's been sat for about 2 hours but it was driving fine, nice smooth acceleration with the turbo kicking in as expected. It seems to be after it's been left over night that it is at it's worst.
  3. TDCI Turbo Issue

    Hi, Just bought a 2003 1.8 TDCI Zetec Focus. Its done a little over 50k miles. Anyways, I took it for a test drive and all seemed fine before buying. I've since done about 150 miles and am having a strange issue with the turbo. Basically, when I put my foot down there is obviously a delay and then the turbo kicks in but then it stops and I loose a bit of a power and then it will kick back in again. It basically means my acceleration is jerky. It seems that when the car is cold the turbo doesn't kick in at all (I don't really get a decent amount of power until the temperature gauge is around half way). I was told when I bought the car from a dealer it had recently had it's turbo replaced at a cost of £1500 but I have no paper work to back this up. Now, when the car has been running for about half an hour on the motorway and I come off, the turbo seems to be OK, acceleration is smooth so it only seems to be a problem for the first 15-20 mins or running it. Any ideas what could be causing this? By the way, I have no service history for the last 20k miles. I did have a friend look at it and he checked all my levels and said they were good and the oil looked relatively new so he thinks it has probably been serviced but just not stamped in the log book. Thanks :)