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  1. Warning Light Airbag

    No Mate I don't, I know it to be a fault not with the system. its just a matter of tracing it
  2. Warning Light Airbag

    Thanks guys, sorry for the delay in replying, I always forget my bloomin password here, the guy I bouhgt it off said he was told it was a fault with the seat belt connection and he rememebrs it never appeard until after he moved the seat, possblie the wire could be crushed am I in danger of setting the air bag off if I play round with it
  3. Warning Light Airbag

    Thanks for the respons guys, anyone know anywhere I may get an image of the areas you are talking about i,e Radiator and where the coonector is located
  4. Warning Light Airbag

    Hi New here so please excus ethe post for help right away 1999 focus warning light staying on been told its a problem to do with the seat belt area and not the light itself or airbag anyone tell me how to go about curing it, this is an MOT fail the light stays on all the time