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  1. Can anyone help me please , my engine management light has come on on my 07 plate 1.4 tdci fiesta , plugged in the device & it's coming up with EGR valve , is it best to replace it or will I do any damage by getting a blank off plate for it , many thanks , Alan
  2. Hi everyone , every now & agen my fiesta keeps missing when driving & when stood , about 6 months ago I was getting the smell of fumes come back into the car & this was the no 2 injector , I had that fixed & thought my problem of missing wud be solved , how wrong was I , about a month ago tbe car went into limp mode , I took it to an auto electrician & they said it was the fuel filter & changed & removed the limp mode error code off the dash so once agen I thought maybe this has solved the missing problem , I'm now at the end of my tether & worried that this missing problem is major & gonna be expensive to fix , if anyone has had this problem or knows what it cud be or maybe has a garage in Derbyshire & cud fix it me then plz plz let me know , many thanks , Alan
  3. For a while my 07 plate 1.4 tdci fiesta has been slightly spluttering , today it spluttered more than normal and i couldn't drive it no more than 10mph , i got a message on the dash saying "engine system failure " , has anyone had this problem , if so could you please tell me what it might be , thanks Alan
  4. I have a 07 plate 1.4 tdci fiesta , it has been spluttering slightly for a while , today it spluttered more than normal & i could only drive it at 10mph max as i lost all power , i got a message come up on dash saying " engine system failure " has anyone had this fault before , if so could you please tell me what is may be , thanks
  5. Thankyou , I've just done this with my passenger mirror & it's worked , no more trying to come in further than it should , no more clicking :) :) :)
  6. Thanks for your reply's
  7. Can anyone tell me if a Tuning box actually works , i don't know weather to get a box for my 2007 fiesta tdci or just get it re-mapped , i've had a few quotes about re-mapping in Derbyshire where i live but my trouble is which one to trust , so if their is anyone who knows someone in Derbyshire who can genuinely be trusted to do a genuine re-map job then i may consider if the price is right , i've been ripped off before for work on my fiesta to the tone of £1000 this is why i'm cautious
  8. I have the same problem with my passenger side mirror , i read this & thought i'd try it , i took off mirror control panel , disconnected loom , set my mirror all the way forward towards the front of the car , locked the car & plugged the loom back in , the mirror then folded back towards the passenger door a little fraction then stopped ??? You say it should fold all the way back in ??? I carried doing everything that you've said & it's still not fixed , has anyone else experienced the same as i have ??? , I'm talking about my 2007 fiesta tdci
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