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  1. I looked a little deeper at what was offered back then. A 1970 Boss 302 buyer could get the reflective black material as O.E. Ford and other manufacturers were trying to give muscle cars some political correctness by offering "high visibility" or "safety" as a feature on muscle cars. Insurance companies were starting to punish the buyers of these cars with high rates. So,just like the decade they came from, it looks like pretty much anything goes!
  2. I think 3M corporation offers a reflective black vinyl. I do not know if they market their vinyl products in the U.K. It was first used here in the late sixties. It is very subtle in normal daylight, but at night gives a very interesting sparkling grey reflection when under artificial light. That would look very sharp to have what are literally "glow in the dark" stripes on a dark colored Fiesta.
  3. Im an ignorant American. Ask DMB.
  4. Not available at this time. I could find no such offering at the most common sites that sell Fiesta graphic kits here in the states. You could just download the image file and have a local graphics shop work one up for you that is similar. I like the side stripes but the hood does not appeal to me. My guess is those graphics were painted on the ST at SEMA. They may never have existed as vinyl.
  5. That pattern of stripe would be called a variation of the 1969 Boss "reverse C stripe" used on the original as well as the recent Mustang Boss 302 of 2012. It really works well on the Fiesta too!