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  1. Happy Birthday lwt26!

  2. Hi guys, Me and the old man will be starting a project with the rs turbo s1 and was going to try build it to a mint original and was wondering what you guys thought about it, any tips/pointers you could give and do you know of anyone selling original parts Thanks, Lewis Watson-Thompson
  3. I would do a bit of plate welding, get a mate who has a welder just to weld a bit of sheet metal on to that then sand it down so it's nice and smooth Hope this helps Thanks, Lewis Watson-Thompson
  4. See that has been imported, I may have a look over in South Africa and see what they're selling for, and il have a look for the engines Thanks anyway Lewis Thanks, Lewis Watson-Thompson
  5. Yeah I have thought about the idea of a 4 door and I would give it a try but I think my overall goal is to get a mk2 1600 sport 2 door. I understand that finding a shell untouched and clean will be very difficult, also what could you say about the original engine as I would like to get an original engine, and preferably rebuild it myself Thanks for advice Lewis Thanks, Lewis Watson-Thompson
  6. Hi all, I'm looking to start a escort mk2 1600 sport project, I am hoping to get it all original and as I am only 16 this project is a lot to take on, I am used to working with cars, as I have a good history with them as I race karts and have been a training mechanic for a few years, my goal would be to get it done in a couple of years so I have it done for my 20th or 21st birthday if anyone can give me advice on starting the project or getting just general information, I would be highly appreciative Many thanks Lewis Thanks, Lewis Watson-Thompson
  7. Keep up the good work with it update me when you've finished ☺️ Thanks, Lewis Watson-Thompson
  8. Happy new year to everyone hope they all have a cracking year but hope it goes a bit slower 2013 soon flew by
  9. I brought a new battery and new oil there was a sale at Halfords 4 litres of oil for £10