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  1. Side Support Ford Mondeo Issue

    Brill. Thanks. Will have a look for one somewhere.
  2. Side Support Ford Mondeo Issue

    Yeah possibly. Been googling and it could even be a bolster support spring that's gone.
  3. Side Support Ford Mondeo Issue

    Yeah been googling but it's hard to find companies. Price is an issue I know but finding a company that can actually do it is a bit more important first. Thanks for your help.
  4. Side Support Ford Mondeo Issue

    Any ideas of a reputable company to take on the repair?
  5. Hi Just downloaded this app and I really hope this isn't in the wrong place. I've just picked up a second hand titanium mondeo and absolutely love it! Only thing is the seat seams to be lacking in side support on the left hand side as you sit in it. The foam feels ok, but it's like there is not the same support as on the right hand side. Any help? Thanks a lot! A