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  1. Ford Escort 1,6Zetec 1998

    Guys I do have a problem with my ford escort of not starting in the mornings but if push it from garage and leave it on sun for half an hour or so it will start at once with ignition key .when cold even pushing won't solve the problem .I cleaned idling sensor and the air intake sensor but no change . Please help me guys if there is anyone with any idea . Sent from my GT-S5300 using Ford OC mobile app
  2. Ford Escort 1,6 1998 Zetec

    Sent from my GT-S5300 using Ford OC mobile app my ford is giving me problems of not starting in the mornings ,but if I push it and leave it in sun for sometime then it will start .Gentlemen help me to get rid of the problem .Any ideas you give are welcome . The behaviour of my ford when starting is that the starter motor is cranking fine but not starting .I even changed fuel pump motor but problem still there .Please guys anyone with ideas share with me . Further more guys I cleaned idling sensor and the oxygen control sensor ,I also cleaned the air intake sensor next to air filter but still not starting in the morning .Iam thinking may be there is a temperature sensor which becomes open when cold and close only at certain temperature .My problem now is I don't know which sensor is that and whats its location in the engine .