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  1. Yeah that make sense what your saying, hopefully it is only the clutch and nothing to major. I'm having in this afternoon, so I'll let you know the outcome either way. Thanks for the help and suggestions
  2. So firstly it's done about 96000miles, it's petrol and it's frequently serviced by myself, I've had the car for about 6years now so I know the car well. When it happens it will rev freely in gear when moving and stopped (with no movement at all), there no warning lights or no tell tale signs. It doesn't sound or feel like the clutch slipping as it revs like it's not in gear. I change the clutch assembly, release bearing and flywheel a couple of years back now. Thanks
  3. Hi, Recently I set out on a short trip. When I was doing around 60/70mph I lost all drive. I tried selecting a lower gear whilst I I was slowing down, but nothing. Then pulled over to a stop where I still couldn't get any drive no matter what gear I selected, left it a while then tried again, where I had all gears and all was fine. until on the same trip it happen again and shortly again once more. Ive been scratching my head all day on what the problem could be so any hints or idea would be much appreciated. Many thanks