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  1. Ok thanks think mines different cause I had no wirings whatsoever so my kit came with the wiring as well but no instructions; (
  2. Have you done it yet? Cause ive bought the same kit but have no clue were to connect the green wire.:(
  3. Front Fog Lights Lx Mk2

    Hi all, I am trying to fit mines as well but the kit that I've got doesn't come with instructions so after everything connected ive got only a green wire that's suppose to provide the power but I don’t have a clue were it goes is it to the switch I think is to short, fuse box or headlight ? Searched everywhere but only foun diy for aftermarket wiring. Thanks in advance.
  4. Heated Windscreen

    hi all, Check your fuse box on your engine bay and see if u got connectors for 2 40amp fuses and a relay (just look at the diagram on the lid for locations) plus the wiring close to the windscreen if so all u need is to get the switch, relay and fuses and the windscreen obviously. About ecu activation all u need is someone with a modified elm327 to activate it for u. Do this before u think to do something else cause in my case i've got a 55 reg lx that as all u know doesn't have almost anything and i found wiring for rain and light sensors heated windscreen and fog lights.