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  1. Badboy Bonnets?

  2. Luck In Upgrading Stereo Software

    It is, I did, and I had to lean on them to do it
  3. 190394774215 spotted on ebay if anyone needs a set, damn sight cheaper than mine were
  4. Fiesta S2000

  5. subs in new fiesta?

    most decent amps have speaker level input terminals on them, with this, you can piggy-back from your current speakers - so yes you can. Had several cars done this way... hth
  6. one hour

    voice control works really well, if you know what to say... enjoy yer new ride ;)
  7. Spoiler upgrade for MK7

    The dress-up kit front bumper, Zetec S's do not have the Monopoly on the Mk7 bodykit
  8. Sucker marks

    Sucker marks on the outside?? Did u have a new windscreen fitted or were you treating tomtom to bit of sun? Your certain they're not football scratches?? Pesky kids!
  9. A big scratch on my car

    ...and the boy drives a fiesta... Clearly it's the new toff's vehicle of choice
  10. Anyone for a Mountuned Fiesta?

    he could drive that to Spain, money down the drain?
  11. Car's all fixed

    motability don't take any !Removed!, they fine approved dealers n repair centres if need be ;)
  12. Questions regarding Zetec-S colors

    I can find nothing good to say about this colour, so I won't say anything.
  13. Voice Commands

    personally i use it daily, its no gimmick
  14. Puncture Anyone?

    check your local scrappie for a mk4/5/6/7 spare with a decent tyre