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  1. Right, battery came through today. From the size and weight of the thing, the restricted space under the bonnet, and the current weather, I've decided against trying to fit it myself. Any recommendations for decent fitting services? I assume most will only fit things bought from them. I could try my usual garage, but despite being good they are pretty pricey on labour, and since it's a 2 man operation they tend to be quite busy too.
  2. Sort of my fault as I knew the battery was getting a little bad for a while, this morning my car finally refused to start. I know Fords require a silver cadmium battery, and the current one is a 700amp 70ah one. Anyone know of a good source of a replacement at a reasonble price. I've looked on Halfords as there is one down the road, but they are all in the £100 region, and with tax and insurance due in the next month I'd rarther avoid paying out any more than I have to. Any recommendations for decent stockists? I could do with picking one up today or tommorow rarther than ordering online, as using the bus into work like this morning is no fun, especially in this weather.
  3. Could be some electrical noise from the electrical power steering pump getting through. Electric motors do tend to be quite noisy from an electrical point of view. Would expect there to be filters in place to get rid of noise though. Does your car have different steering settings? If so, try changing those and see if it makes a difference.
  4. Thanks. Got a touch up kit on order from Amazon. Pretty much same price as direct from ford, but free P&P as opposed to about the same as the kit itself. Will it work on the GRP too?
  5. I cleaned and polished my car yesterday, and whilst doing so I found this damage under the passenger side door. No idea what's caused it, and there is a minor scratch in the same line on the rear passenger side door. What is the best way to deal with it, without spending too much? Door is lighter and should easily t cut out, but this is to metal. Whilst we're on cosmetic issues, what is a good way to deal with slight abrasions and chips on the bumpers? Front bumper is pretty bad from thousands of miles of stone chips, and front and rear have clearly had light scrapes in the past.
  6. Like those. Just have standard LEDs in mine (although not done the reading lights yet).
  7. What about the 2009 2.0 TDCI?
  8. The fuel pump fuse is only on petrol engined cars, not diesels. There are also a few fuse numbers that aren't actually used by anything. You'll have 3 more on the main fusebox that aren't on petrols though (2 for glowplugs, one auxilliary heater).
  9. Mot

    Took my Focus for it's first MOT since I bought it today. Failed first time with a number plate light, despite it working fine yesterday when I checked it! Know the man who runs the place though, so he changed it and passed it without charging for a re-test (cost me £1 extra for the bulb). Not bad for a 5 year old car that's done nearly 100,000miles. Advisory on one of the fronts though, so that's going to need changing soon.
  10. Had a car that was overheating and no heat from the vents last summer. Was the water pump that was gone. That was a nasty bill, few hundered.
  11. Keep in mind that DPF removal is now an MOT failure, as well as illegal. Not heard any stories yet about people having failures due to it, or what methods are used for testing, but it's not something that should be recommended.
  12. Just to clarify, pressing the on button will not make the cruise control light come on. The light will only come on when "set" is pressed and it's holding a set speed. The light will turn off again when the system stops holding a speed, i.e if the "off" button is pressed, the top right button is pressed or the brake or clutch is pressed. Unless "off" has been used, it will then come on again if either "resume" (top right) or "set" is pressed.
  13. Most people who have that problem (which is basically everyone with one of those compartments) end up either sticking the compartment shut or fitting an alternative replacement catch. Paper wedged in the lower part of the catch also seems to work as a temporary fix. As well as the cost and time, replacing the unit or lid is likely to result in the same problem again further down the line, as they are so prone to breaking.
  14. Thanks. That looks just what I need. Won't miss the middle holder as it seems far too small to be of use anyway.
  15. Anyone know of a good way to get small (500ml) bottles to stand up in the cup holders on a Mk2.5 Titanium Focus? On longer journies I like to have a drink with me, but usually find it quickly falls over (thankfully with lid on). Not sure if there are any inserts available that will narrow it down, or is there a reasonably easy way to modify the holders to fit a narrower bottle?