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  1. I pulled of the washer bottle sure enough the pump had burned out and was half full of ice new pump fitted and filled with screen wash i will try the vinegar trick aswell
  2. worked fine mate thanks :D
  3. when checking my fuses for the windscreen washers i pulled the radio fuse by mistake now its asking for the code any help would be great 4000 model serial number is M099993 thanks
  4. mine was frozen also,i managed to defrost it with warm water i went to add my screen wash and now it does not work checked all the fuses and all are okay there was a strange smell have i knackered the pump
  5. the unit i removed was jammed i tried a few times to clean it but i had no joy and ended up buying a new one which has cured it
  6. It cost me £50.00 it takes longer to put the car on the ramps than it does to fit the new valve
  7. New idle control valve now fitted and guess what its cured the revs now drop when i change gear and the car is smoother thanks for your help guys Bazza
  8. i have placed an order for a new one i should have it tomorrow i will fit it tomorrow night i hope this cures it as it seams to be getting worse
  9. I removed it again last night gave it a good clean refitted it but it`s still the same how much is it for a new one and where is the best place to purchase it Bazza
  10. Well I removed the idle control without having to remove the alternator Cleaned it and refitted but it's still the same It was better for about five mins and then started the same old routine Is it possible the unit is knackered or could the fault be elsewhere.
  11. Hi mate my car rev`s when the clutch is depressed but i reckon its the idle control valve as mentioned by SY99 and Stef123 as its not returning to idle it looks as if it will take longer to get access to it than it will to clean and refit the unit i am not sure what route i will go as i only have a small set of ramps but i dont really want to disurb the inlet manifold Thanks again Stef
  12. Thanks mate where can i find the idle control valve thanks
  13. Hi all i have been lingering for a couple of weeks i thought it was time i joined up and try and rectify my problem 99 Focus zetec estate crackin drive just a few niggles to sort out Bazza
  14. Hi all My 99 Focus 1.8 zetec is acting very strange It seams to have mind of its own My problem is :- When driving along and i take my foot of the gas the car keeps pulling,if i dip the clutch it revs to about 3K and comes back to tickover when its staitonary,Is it one or more of the sensors failing Any help would be great thanks in advance Bazza