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  1. +1.....almost as good as the bluetooth on mine.... "yeah yeah...look it has the phone buttons on the stereo unit" turns out it doesn't without the voice command stalk!! :(
  2. yep, one issue solved..one to go!!
  3. lol....i like the idea!! but what bait should i use to lure it out!! seriously though, its gonna have to be something like that.....trouble is finding the time to have a proper go at it.....
  4. yeah it worked as you said. i have a belkin one with a green led and like you said it woke up again when i unlocked the car......cheers again.....i had a look at the manual too and it said it in there also.....should have checked that first i suppose...but when do us men ever read the instructions.... :D
  5. :) yeah it shook lose again, guess the vents will be out again when i have 5 mins.........
  6. oh ok, thanks for that....i'll test it out tomorrow.....
  7. i bought a usb socket for my ipod. but it seems the socket in the front stays on after the engine is switched off, which is a pain because i have to pull it out every time i park up. any ideas how the socket can be swithced off?
  8. the problem will be getting in there to get it...my hands are far too big to fit down the holes..... :D
  9. possibly, but it sounded like a pen sliding along the whole length of the dash.......if thats possible
  10. annoyingly, i removed them and the noise stopped....guess whatever it is, is now lodged somewhere.....but at least its not sliding around for now....
  11. yes they do just slide out.....got a bit brave and took a knife to them.....have now removed the 3 central and drivers side vents but still struggling to identify what it is sliding around back there! Probably need an extra pair of eyes to look, while i hang it round a few corners. Plus my hands are too big to get in there and have a good feel about. thanks for your help anyway
  12. I'm a bit of a chicken when it comes to stuff like this.....always worried i'll cause more damage than actually fix the issue.... I had another look at my vents and could not see any obvious clips, i took a couple of pics
  13. OK thanks for that guys, i did try to give it a gentle wiggle, but suspected there would be some clips holding them in somewhere which I'd prefer not to snap off. I'll have another look, and if no joy I'll post up a pic of my vents. cheers again
  14. I appear to have something sliding back and forth behind the dash when I go round corners?? My guess is that something, sound like a pen, has been dropped down the air vents, and is now stuck in there! Is there anyway to remove the air vents out of the dash (ideally without breaking them) so I can get in to see if my suspicions are correct?
  15. nope definately stalkless....and bluetooth too i guess.... :( oh well give the local car audio specialist a visit at the weekend oh and getting the rear tailight done for £60 fitted at local ford specialist so that not too bad.