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  1. focus colour

    hi im trying to find the colour for my focus but i carnt find a colour code anywhere on car can anyone help please its like a metalic blue..
  2. power steering

    hi again can anyone tell me how to bleed the power steering the guy i got car of let it run low and just topped it up now it bubbles when you more steering and is stiff as hell and i have never bleed a power steering so any advice i would be gratefull cheers bullz712
  3. Brake lights help urgently needed

    hi all thanks for replying its now sorted was a dodgy bulb
  4. hi everyoen and thanks for letting me join i have just bought a ford focus and come across a fualt with the brake lights .. they keep blowing the fuse i have replaced the brake lights swith now if i dont put the switch on the fuse doesnt blow as soon as i connect the switch the fuse blows i even tried using a piece of wire but as soon as i connected it the fuse blew... any ideas everyone please i would be very gratefull... thank you Darren