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  1. Hi guys, I'm selling my SMax in April / May and wondered what kind of price I should be asking for it. It is a Silver Titanium model with the 2.0l Diesel 140 Bhp engine. The car has covered only 35k miles (its the wife's school taxi and the school is only a mile away!) and has more gadgets and gizmo's that I would know what to do with. It has Sat Nav, cruise, glass roof and Remote DVD player, auto gearbox and is in really nice condition. Serviced at local Ford dealership who we bought it from about 4 years ago. What kind of value do these fetch now? Any info would be great. thanks in advance. Mak.
  2. Hi Fellow SMax Pilots. Decided to join the forum after lurking for a while. I have a 2008 SMax 2.0 Titanium Diesel (140PS) and generally speaking its been a great family car. However yesterday the parking brake decided to jam in the fully up and engaged position (its a manual brake not electric). Despite my uneducated attempts to release it, it was not budging. AA called out and the sourced the problem to a broken release cable in the handle. There is a small flat 'S' shaped (or 'kinked') end to the button release cable that seems to go up inside the handbrake handle's driver's side arm and I think this connects to the spring loaded button in the handle at the top. This 'S' shaped part has broken leaving the spring loaded release button permanently engaged. The nice AA man left me with a piece of wire connected to the release cable which we can now pull on to disengage the button release lock - so at least we have a 'get you home' fix. I started searching the web to see if there is a replacement cable. Looks like you can buy either an entire handbrake assembly (£160...) or just a replacement handle (£60) - all because of a simple broken cable! The handle option does not appear to include a cable, the full assembly does (at least the pictures on Ebay suggest this is so). Has anyone else had this problem and what is the best way to fix it? Do I need an entire assembly (like this -> Link) or is there a way to replace just the cable? Thanks for any help offered! Mak.