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  1. Bonnet Catch

    Thankfully my car hasn't got the lock at ford badge so easy fixed and cheap £38 for catch and partner and son fitted it in 20min Fiona Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  2. Alarm System Service

    New catch fitted cable was a little seized but ok now thanks for all the advice Fiona Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  3. Bonnet Catch

    New catch fitted and every thing well Cable was a little seized Thanks for all the advice Fiona Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  4. Bonnet Catch

    Same type my partner ordered it said would b less hassle when fitting
  5. Bonnet Catch

    The catch I purchased was 38 in total from a ford dealer on eBay Just waiting on getting it fitted Priced the cable to its another 22 but then was told by garage it would take 2-3 hours for them to replace Going to see if my partner can do it for me should b easy for him.
  6. Alarm System Service

    I'm so confused now !! Think I will nip car in to my local garage and c what they say, but will keep all advice in mind and may even quote it to garage Thanks Fiona
  7. Alarm System Service

    As far as I'm aware cable ok it released the catch. Thanks will defo try that! Thanks Fiona
  8. Bonnet Catch

    It's a pain car not secure when it's only on safety catch but ok to drive so I've been told
  9. Alarm System Service

    Got a catch from a ford dealer on eBay looks like it's right part, didn't think I would need the cable. Would it b sensible to replace this too? Fiona
  10. Bonnet Catch

    My brother and partner spent hours at it they say the catch isn't staying over the pin ! Got new catch on way hope to god that does job ! Will keep all informed Fiona
  11. Bonnet Catch

    Have just bought a new catch Fiona
  12. Bonnet Catch

    Help! My bonnet catch won't fully catch, has been working fine up until today when I topped up my washers, this has both my partner and brother frustrated ! Many thanks Fiona
  13. Alarm System Service

    Help needed again bonnet will not close stupid thing was working fine till I filled up with water many thanks Fiona
  14. Alarm System Service

    Many thanks will look Thanks for all the help and advice Fiona
  15. Alarm System Service

    Next time it's dry and wind not so high I will have a look thanks !