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  1. Car Meet

    Havin a car meet at are garage tomorrow night thursday 19 June at around 7 all are welcome new cars to old will be a good night hopin to make this a on going thing so come and have a look burger van is there it's on the corner long lane and Brookfield drive l97aj at quick fix
  2. some of mine

  3. Wats Ur Favourite Car

    Yer i yer I can I only get about that out my st ha
  4. Hobbies And Intrest's

    Yer it is but there never seems to end
  5. Hobbies And Intrest's

    Mine is restoring old ford it's a more of a problem more than a hobbie ha
  6. Wats Ur Favourite Car

    I own mine mk3 2 door Gt iv had it years iv got one in yellow to but red is me fave cortina s that is
  7. Wats Ur Favourite Car

    It's simple wat car is ur fave it can be one it might be lots
  8. Info Please On Mk5 Escort Mexico

    Sorry my mistake it's a harrier not a Mexico and it's 1.4 hope this helps
  9. Info Please On Mk5 Escort Mexico

    My mistake it was a harrier that it was not Mexico sorry
  10. Info Please On Mk5 Escort Mexico

    They were Defo made there was one on eBay last month I think they only made them for 1 mabe 2 years j. Or k reg 1.6 Mexico had a bage on rear quarter if I'm right hope this helps give it 5 more years and they will be worth a bit them
  11. FOC Age group Poll!

    I'm ordering me box I'm 38
  12. New

    thanks guys
  13. New

    hi yer im from liverpool
  14. New

    Hi mate I see ur from Liverpool
  15. Gym

    Fast walk will do it put treadmill on a incline