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  1. HI Emzz mine was the same and turned out to be the ac pump was a little loose now it been repaired you can feel a difference between it be in of off before it felt like the car had a wobble at tick over even the gear stick wobbled
  2. Ford 6000cd question

    hi stoney871 have a look in the centre box if you have one thats where mine aux plug is
  3. hands free kit

    Hi all i brought a parrot ck3100 hands free kit of my wife 10 plate fusion it came with a stc iso wiring harness so was a plug and play kind of a fit to the ford 6000cd head unit the problem i have is no sound through the speakers from the hands free kit can't really find any colour code or wiring details if anyone had any ides it would be much appreciated cheers chris
  4. dash display

    HI all, Just a quick question, i have a 2008 cmax and the instrument cluster has a multi display. for some reason the out side temp is in fahrenheit i have managed to change it to centigrade but the my speedo changes to kph dam thing ...... any ideas... oh and a happy new year to all
  5. Ford Fusion + 1.6

    Now sold Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  6. Water Ingress Issue

    Hi thanks for the reply after a bit of a search on google it pretty much said the same . So I sealed the roof spoiler as there was a drip off one side of the plastic trim at the top Of the rear window and one of the rear lights as that was the side of the boot that was wet . The boot hinges looked ok so ill wait on them and see if I still have a leak Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  7. Plastic Side Window Panels

    hi all i have a drivers door centre trim if any one wants it its lost its sticky pads but the trim is ok cheers chris
  8. Water Ingress Issue

    Hi all I have just brought a cmax tdci titanium after having a fusion+ for the last two years what an amazing car . but ….. theres always a but i too have the same problem as mr rugby with a leaky boot the odd thing is that parcel shelf is dry the boot carpet is dry but the right side of the boot and the spare tyre hole is wet so I'm thinking it coming from the tail light and running down in side has anyone else had this fault ? cheers chris
  9. Ford Fusion + 1.6

    Hi all I have put my fusion up for sale after buying a cmax what is just amazing x Not really sure how to add a link to auto trader Cheers Chris Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  10. New Car

    Hi all Been thinking of chopping in my fusion not that there's anything wrong with it i love it just need something a bit bigger . Was thinking c-max or kuga What do people think of these two cars ? I think the c-max is cheaper to run and room to tinker and tweak a few bits And the kuga for the same sort of money is going to have high miles on the clock but does look good Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  11. Cleaning Exterior Plastic Trim.

    Hi Phil i have heard you can use a hair drier on the plastic trip to restore the colour. i have tried this at work with a heat gun on different types of plastic's and it work treat cheers chris
  12. Wing Mirrors

    Cheers for the replies I also looked in the heynes book And it said after 2005 Might whip the inside cover off both cars and take a few pics before I buy a pair. I'm hoping the extra screw hole is already there Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  13. Wing Mirrors

    hi all Has any one notice that on the older fusions the wing mirrors are a bit small than on the the newer shape ... i only notice this at the weekend as my wife picked up her new car a 2010 tdci fusion and the mirrors are massive compared to my 54 plate . i now thinking of swopping mine for some of these bigger mirrors but would they fit ? and now i see power folding mirrors on ebay and oooo got me thinking if they would fit im guessing it would be down to if the wiring loom is the same across all the models any throughs ??????? cheers chris
  14. Fusion Dashboard Storage Lid Latch

    Hi all My catch broke on my lid but manage to get one from a breakers yard for £10 worth a look Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC
  15. Hi el toro His is just a quick guess, but I had this problem on my wife's ka turned out to be the coil pack was on it way out Cheers Chris Sent from my iPhone using Ford OC