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  1. Hi, I got the car back and they found the following codes: U0155 Lost communication with instrument panel cluster U0001 High speed CAN communication bus U0101 Lost communication with TCM P1260 Theft detected, vehicle immobilized I have to take the car back if i get any more problems, as they suspect the instrument cluster may be breaking down.
  2. Hi, I have had a reply back from the garage about this problem, and they say they have found some error codes. I don't know which one's yet until i pick up the car, but one thing that was mentioned was about no comms with the dashpod?
  3. Hi, I am wondering if anyone would have any ideas about what is causing these problems? A week ago, during the heavy rain going to work, I got an Engine Systems Fault come up on my dashboard. I stopped the car, switched off and after about 2 minutes I switched on again and the fault was gone. No other faults with the car until today. Whilst driving, most of the dashboard display warning lights came on, and again for a moment I got the Engine Systems Fault come up. I stopped at some traffic lights, and the Engine Systems Fault warning went off. I then still had most of the lights on still, and I got a Transmission Malfunction warning come up, and I lost the main display for the auto gearbox. I could change gear whilst stationary, but the warning was still there. I switched the car off, and on again to move to a safe place, I lost the warning lights, the auto display came back. But I then had a red light next to the Acceleration Reduced warning. I managed to limp the car home, switched off and then back on again a minute later, and everything was back to normal again.
  4. Hi, I was wondering about the PM facility, as i have got an e-mail about receiving a Welcome PM. But for the life of i cannot find the PM function anywhere. Gary
  5. Hi, My name is Gary and i have an 05 plated automatic Ford Focus 1.6LX estate. And i am still after 4 weeks just getting used to it, the only thing that i have changed on it are the headlight bulbs for some Xenon one's. And i would like to thank the members here for helping me, with explaining about getting the headlights out. Gary