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  1. Was nattering today to a guy at work who was a mechanic in a previous life - he also thinks there's a good chance that an oil & filter change on the box could sort it. Have booked it in for that on Monday, along with a diagnostic for a reduced price of £20 - will report back after then! Cheers
  2. Thanks. That can only help, and I'll make that my next job. Any ideas how the rain and standing water may have temporarily cured the problem? The undersides of these cars obviously didn't have the amount of plastic shield and other sealing that modern cars have.
  3. Speedo cable replaced by Ford by the later Mk1 version - speedo now working as it should, however it didn't solve the 4th gear issue. Phoned a couple of gearbox specialists hoping they'd have a look, and praying it was a sensor - one just told me to scrap the car, and the other said it probably needed a rebuild, which would be silly money. THEN, on my way home this morning, on the motorway, in the pouring rain, it started slipping into 4th gear - initially swapping between 3rd and 4th every few seconds, but after about 20 or 30 seconds of that, it stayed in 4th gear! Furthermore, driving through my village up to the house, the box was changing gear much smoother than before. It does seem like the box had been in some sort of limp mode (though there was never any warning light). Can anyone reinforce my hope that my problems are likely to be a dodgy sensor that was righted by standing water? Thoughts on which sensor it may be would be extra helpful! Cheers
  4. It was £450. Test drive was only on town roads, hence my ignorance of the missing 4th gear - schoolboy error on my part. Spotted the wobbly speedo needle, but didn't imagine it'd be a big job. The seller lives in London, so there's a chance he didn't know about the missing gear, but that's pretty irrelevant now. Update on parts - the original Ford speedo (one-piece) cable, is obsolete - superseded as part of a recall in the 90s by a two-piece cable, fitted as standard to Mondeos from some point in '94, and still available as two parts for £39+vat EACH, so thick end of £100 just for the parts. Add at least one hour labour for fitting, which requires the removal (breaking off or drilling-out) of a clip behind the dash to make it fit. Tried to find out whether my car ever had the recall, but dealers can't tell me due to the age of the car. Basically, until the mechanic takes off the old cable and sees whether it's one or two-piece, I can't be sure whether the recall was done in the 90s (not that Ford would entertain a claim all these years later - I have asked that already!). Gonna have the 'stat replaced at the same time, as the temp gauge takes ages to warm up from cold, and constantly wanders between the lower extreme and middle of the "normal" range during steady driving. It's gonna cost me, but that's the risk with "bangernomics" - in this case, I think the car is worth it...
  5. Mmm' hadn't heard of the cogs before - not the most technically confident myself - can see some fair sized labour charges ahead of me just to diagnose it :-( Would love to transplant a manual 'box in, as the rest of the car is a peach - again, I can see the cost of that being even higher though.
  6. Thanks for replies - yes it was a private sale. I wouldn't have linked the two problems either, but a bit of digging on the Internet suggests that auto box problems (lumpiness and missing gears) can be linked to speed sensor glitches (or in the case of the 93/94 Mondy defective speedo cable), as the 'box relies on the speedo reading to make shifts correctly. In any case, the bouncing speedo needle is a fairly sure sign that the cable is defective. Turns out the cable is obsolete - possibly the reason for the sale to me! :-(
  7. So picked up the Mondeo today (Mk1 2.0 Auto); straightaway spotted the bouncing speedometer, which only settles properly around 50-60mph, and even then it over-reads by more than 10%. Then on the motorway, I realise I cannot shift out of third gear - the Overdrive/4th gear just isn't there! Guessing the bouncing speedo is a faulty cable - could this also be causing the gearbox problem?
  8. Many thanks!
  9. Hi all, picking up a Mk1 hatch this week with the Adaptive Suspension feature. The indicator light is on permanently, indicating a fault with the system. It was noted as an "advisory" on the last MoT - obviously not one of the warning lights that has recently become a "fail", but I'd still prefer to sort it. I've read a bit about the system online, and apparently each damper is supposed to click audibly when the ignition is switched on - can anyone confirm that? If the system is beyond economical repair, can the dampers be exchanged for regular dampers? Cheers!
  10. Hi all, Probably a longer introduction than is necessary, but here goes... Have run various Fiestas on and off since 2003, all except the first one have been on finance. Current is a late 2005 (06MY facelift) Ghia 1.4 petrol with 95K on the clock, which we've run since 2009 when it had just 23K. Having a Fiesta with full leather interior still makes me smile! It'll be paid off in June this year. Signed it over to the wife in 2012, after she went back to full-time and we decided that we needed a 2nd car for nursery pick-ups and commuting etc. For me, I didn't see the point of having two small cars, and wanted a larger car for holidays and trips to Ikea etc, but didn't want to be on finance again, so out of necessity more than choice, I converted to "bangernomics" a couple of years ago - buying a large 90s saloon in nice condition for not a lot of cash - the purchase price is obviously offset by the mediocre fuel economy! Started with a '94 Volvo 850 - typical one owner from new car with genuine 62K on the clock - built like a tank and 35mpg easily achievable; even the petrol Volvo 5-pots regularly see 300K, and I just wish I'd kept that 850. Every bill and MOT with it since new - all done by Volvo. She didn't give the problems often suffered by old low-mileage cars pressed into everyday use. I had the belts and fluids and filters changed, and I know she would have outlasted me if I hadn't had my head turned by a later but scruffier S70 2.5T with double the mileage. It's a rapid car, encouraging heavy use of the right foot, but a little too thirsty; and the list of things to do, to make it as tidy as the 850 was, is too long. It was a mistake to sell the 850. I am picking up a 1993 Mondeo Ghia hatch this week - 2.0 auto, so not the most economical, but it'll be more laid-back than the S70 and a little less thirsty. Plenty of creature comforts - headlight washers, and the same heated screen that we love in the Fiesta, but no leather. There looks to be no rust, and the interior looks to be mint, which is a big plus for me - I hate manky old interiors with suspicious stains... It has Adaptive Suspension, which I understand was quite rare in it's day, though it seems to have a fault as the indicator light is permanently lit - will post up in the relevant section for advice on that soon. Often described as bland, I always thought the first Mondeo was a very handsome car, and am looking forward to what I hope will be (relatively) hassle-free ownership. I'm sure you guys will be as helpful as the Volvo bunch!