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  1. Euro 3 Egr Issues

    Thanks!..looks like mine is the Vacuum type Euro 4. Is it worth fitting a blanking plate with a hole in to fool the ECU? I've heard varying reports....
  2. First post so sorry if its been answered elsewhere. Had a complete loss of power in my 2.0 diesel 06 plate Mondeo over the weekend. EML fault code flagged up the EGR, so took it off and cleaned it up, reset faults and put everything back together. This cured it for about a day, after which it started driving very lumpy, with intermittent loss of power and lots of black smoke, so I bit the bullet and have blanked off the EGR pipe as mentioned in other posts on here. Car is now running fine, but the EML light has come back on twice, both times with EGR problem as the code. For info mine has the Euro 3 type Vacuum EGR, and NOT the Euro 4 type motorised version. I was under the impression the ECU didn't need fooling when blanking the Euro 3.... Can anyone enlighten me?