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  1. thanks Richard- Is that something that could be checked out easily or is it more labour intensive
  2. Please help- I drive a 2010 Focus 1.6 TDI hatch and recently have noticed a noise -like an abrasive squeak- when changing gear-seems worse when starting off from cold. It was recently serviced and MOT's and clutch operation seems ok. Should I be concerned? Many thanks
  3. thanks a lot dezwez. Both keys working fine now, much appreciated. Glad I joined the forum!
  4. I've just tried reprogramming the one immediately after the other but it still only works for the last one reprogrammed Thanks anyway
  5. Can anyone help. I have a 2010 Focus and changed the remote key battery. It didn't work initially but after following guide on reprogramming on youtube(moving key in position 2 to 1 in ignition four times) I thought I had solved the problem as it worked immediately. However, my wife's spare remote key no longer worked. I reprogrammed it using the same technique and it worked but then my key no longer worked! My problem is now I can only have one key programmed to operate the car at the one time. Any suggestions? thanks