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  1. I have a Ford Focus 1.6 estate on a 02 plate. I have two keys which nether have a remote fob attached. I gain entry and drive buy using either key in the old fashion way of inserting the keys etc. Central locking works fine but can not be done remotely as no 3 button fob available. I checked with Fords Bristol whom looked up my car and they said have remote central locking was an upgrade at the time of original purchase. I explained I was not the first owner but would like to have remote central locking rather than stay with the old fashioned key central locking. The service guy was quite was very honest and said it could be done but if I was to use Fords it would be very expensive. Try using an after market third party he suggested as this would be cheaper. My questions are then, Do any of you guys know what I should being doing? Do I just buy a 3 button fob have the key cut and enter some sort of code, or is there other ways of upgrading my car to use remote central locking? Is it just a case of a new fob and key etc, or do I have to mod my car in some way before even doing the switch with keys. Is it worth it? or are the costs of doing this to high? Cheers buddies, any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Having said that though, surely I should receive some sort of signal even if what you suggest might be true. I dont get any reception or even a weak station? .... just the sound of space !!! the universe and everything other than music. Cheers buddy.
  3. Hi, my radio doesnt seem to be able to pick up any stations. the radio display is perfect and you can search etc for stations but nothing is ever found. the cd player works fine with no faults. any ideals chums? ps. have checked all fittings, plugs, fuses and leads to the radio and all are fine. cheers ford focus 1.6 CL 2002