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  1. New Focus Rs Quote

    Nice! They have any idea when you likely take delivery?
  2. New Focus Rs Quote

    Yeah.. I think the mk2 did get some kind of privilege discount eventually though so I'm hoping for the same on this one.
  3. New Focus Rs Quote

    Aah I see. I did a quote on carwow. Only one came back and not a penny off list price lol
  4. New Focus Rs Quote

    Jealous of you guys :( Was going to go for an RS next but had a little bump in the car at beginning of december and its gonna shoot my insurance through the roof on another ST let alone an RS! Ended up ordering an ST3 in stealth... Maybe next time eh? Insurance should be cheaper once I'm 25.
  5. Focus St Roof Wrap

    It's at the back... That's what's stumped me. Perhaps I would have to remove the rear courtesy light, doesn't really look far back enough though. Was hoping that the trim is just kinda clipped on. Should still be possible to wrap without removing them though I think.
  6. I've decided i'm going to wrap the roof and mirror caps on my next ST (stealth). Was a tricky decision between gloss black, matte black or carbon; but think I've settled on matte black. Was going to pay someone to do it, but decided I'm going to give it a go myself! 1. Does anyone know how to remove the aerial base from the roof? Would much rather take this off so the wrap will go underneath rather than make a pigs ear of cutting round it. 2. Do the trim pieces down either side just pull off? 3. Wanted to get peoples opinion on whether to wrap the separated part of the spoiler (see pic)?
  7. New St

    Earliest date is 29th march
  8. New St

    So settlement figure has now sorted itself out so ive placed an order for the car in the spec above :D. Now it's just a waiting game...
  9. New St

    So I went into Ford's on Saturday to get a quote and also had to redo carwow quotes as they expired on 31st. Seems that the deposit contribution has dropped to about £800, GMFV is near enough the same. Having a few issues with getting a settlement figure for my current car atm tbough. If I get a settlement figure valid today it comes in at ~£19400 and if Ford get one for in the future it seems to go up! Not really sure what's going on but they think it's due to the system not deducting my next few payments from the balance due to this months payment not clearing yet. Hoping to get a call back tomorrow with the correct settlement figure (~£18600) and a decent quote. Originally quoted £450 pm! With about 2 mins negotiation came down to £377. Still way more than I want to pay though. Hopefully the £1000 difference in the settlement figure will bring it down a fair chunk. Spec I'm going for is ST3, Stealth, black style pack, priv glass, heated steering wheel, active city stop.
  10. New St

    Ah that sucks. Would the body shop not do anything about it? Mine looks like nothing ever happened now. Did a thorough check over the repair before I paid the excess and was ready to challenge them on anything I thought wasn't good enough. My insurance doesn't renew until may but looking to be about £1200 (up by £400). Would have had 4 years ncb at that point, will only have 1 now :(. Bit of a shame too that my 25th birthday is in June which would have bought it down a bit!
  11. New St

    Ouch! Looks much worse than mine did! Guess you got it all sorted out? How much did it hit your insurance?
  12. New St

    Not too sure! Guess I'll find out on Saturday lol
  13. Ford Sync Bt Audio Shenanigans

    Yeah.. I had to do a few resets in a row to get it work. If its the same as mine, disconnecting the battery is only a temporary fix so I'd just take it straight to ford. I'd also try a different phone just to confirm as they'll most likely ask this first.
  14. Fitting S Badge To Grille

    Can you not just do it all from the front? Unscrew the s badge, feed it in and around one of the open honeycomb slots and screw on the badge?
  15. Ford Sync Bt Audio Shenanigans

    Had the same happen with my ST. Took it Ford's who argued for ages saying it was my phone and then finally disconnected the battery and all was fine again. Few months later it started happening again but when they hooked it up to the diagnostics they said they have to disconnect battery first which made it work again so no faults showed up! They said if it happened again they would replace the head unit. I was getting a new car soon after anyway so didn't bother going back. Did manage to get it working occasionally by doing a few master resets in a row. Maybe give that a try for now.