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  1. Engine 09 Fiesta Zetec

    Looking for a bit of advice, car was in the garage today for its first m.o.t, passed no problems but im just wondering if there is something missing from the engine area eg a cover or something as it doesnt look like it before and looks like something is missing.
  2. Women Drivers!!!!

    Cheers for that, im going to try and drop down to see them next week ;)
  3. Women Drivers!!!!

    Hi, which bodyshop do you go to? Im in Bonnyrigg, midlothian and in need to take the car in to get looked at for various chips and dents etc, so would like to try and go somewhere thats recommended. cheers :)
  4. First Service Stamps

    My 09 fiestas coming up for a year old in cple weeks, its done almost 9000 miles. Just wondering how much the service at ford usually costs and what does it include? Thanks
  5. Chipped Paint

    Had my fiesta for almost a year and its been through its fair share of bumps etc though none were my fault. After a bump and respray in october 09 I have started to notice that the paint espec on the bonnet and passenger side have fairly bad chips. Should I take it back to my dealer and ask whats going on with it & would they check the bodywork etc free of charge. Thanks
  6. Fuses

    Might be a stupid question but yesterday before I took the car to the garage to get the windscreen washer problem fixed, me and my day decided to look through the cars manual and check up if it was a fuse that had blown. Problem 1, there were two fuse boxes, one in the engine and the other in the glove box which i might add isnt the easiest to access to. Anyway my dad has a ford van and in his booklet theres a diagram showing what fuses are what, the fiesta booklet doesnt have any diagram at all it only states which fuses are in the engine and which fuses are in the glovebox fuse box. Anybody know if there is actually a diagram anywhere? Cheers
  7. Windscreen Washers - Help

    Touch wood.... but thats the only problem that i have had, other than that the fiesta is a dream to drive. Will need to get the tracking sorted asap as Edinburgh is horrendous for pot holes with the tram works and ive managed to hit quite a few so far!
  8. Windscreen Washers - Help

    Had the car into Ford today to get it checked out and the outcome of the windscreen washer problem is that it was a blown fuse, they have been inundated with over 40 09 plate fiestas in the past week with the same problem.
  9. Windscreen Washers - Help

    My washers have had no power since xmas eve, checked the reservoir and theres plenty water, doesnt even make a noise anymore as if its even trying to scoosh water out so dont know whats up with it. :(
  10. Door mirrors

    Just had my drivers side wing mirror replaced to due accident number 2 and it has the magnified part on it, evens the car up i reckon lol
  11. Insurance

    Insurance do drag their heels. My car was hit on 23/08/09 by my window cleaners ladders crashing through my bonnet, he admitted liability straight away and with both his and my insurance companies involved, the car only just went in for repair two weeks ago. I wanted my fiesta fixed by a ford dealer since the car is brand new, insurance company didnt deal with Ford but after phonecalls back and forward and a few quotes from Ford dealers, my insurance company had to agree to have the repairs done.
  12. Cleaning

    Just ordered some cleaning stuff through i4detailing, have binned my chamois and opted for a towel, also got some autoglym hd wax, wash mitts and a few other autoglym products as thats what the majority of my cleaning products are. :D
  13. Repairs are complete!

    I was until ive noticed the mirror hasnt been fixed so after an afternoon of arguing with insurance the car will be going back in again :(
  14. Repairs are complete!

    Saying goodbye to the VW tdci monster this afternoon as the garage has phoned to say that my pride and joy is waiting to be picked up! :D
  15. Missing it already

    After 2 months of fighting with insurance my car finally went into the garage yesterday morning :) They said it will be in for 7 days possibly longer and Im missing it already! Replacement car while mines is getting fixed is a VW Golf TDCI, hate the thing already :( and want my fiesta back.