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  1. I think maybe I did try this before, but that was when I was sorting out the one touch operation... the fact is, the left hand side window doesn't go up and down when using the passenger switch, but works perfectly when using driver side.... it's really annoying.
  2. No I don't have parking sensors, nor do I have bluetooth or voice module because they are all dead!
  3. If they didn't charge so much I would haha
  4. Reset the whole car? As in disconnect the battery? Because I've tried that...
  5. Will try and have a look, although I have just about NO idea how to check, I'll try anyway!!
  6. I have the exact same problem! Hopefully someone answers soon!
  7. Hello All, New to this, not sure if I am posting in the right place, just need some help with a problem in my car. I have Ford Fiesta Titanium 2009, the bluetooth, usb, power socket (cigarette lighter) and voice command/speech recognition all do not work. The radio, CD player and the menus all work find with the media system, but the things mentioned above do not work at all... Any advice on what may be wrong would be helpful :)
  8. My red wide angle led footwell lights came today. Passenger side easy to fit, the bulb wire was hanging free in there... Where do I find the drivers foot well bulb connector thing?
  9. Disconnected the battery still doing it. I think I've got something major wrong... Changed both fuses for blutooth, and for cigar lighter... But Bluetooth, cigar lighter, aux and usb are all dead... Is that a coincidence?
  10. So, New one came today. Changed it round. And same old problem. Just like the last time. Does the system have to be reset? How do I do that? Should is disconnect the battery? Sooooo annoyed.
  11. Hello, I've changed the fuse but my lighter socket is still not working? Any ideas or suggestions?
  12. Hopefully! If not, you'll know about it on here because I know nothing!
  13. So before I buy new one, I should follow your vid, take the door panel off and double check that where the car connects to the mirror is actually receiving a current, as this could be the fault and not the mirror itself. If it's got a good current. Then it's the mirror and buy a new one? Did have a look, does anywhere sell just a new motor for the mirror? Instead of the whole unit? Sent from my HTC One using Ford OC mobile app
  14. Oh okay, at least the drivers side has it. It was annoying me. Thanks.