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  1. Centre Consol Arm Rest

    Hi guys. I have a fiesta zetec 2013 and was wondering whether it is possible to install the centre consol armrest and illuminated cup holders from the zetec so and the fiesta st. If it is does anyone know what parts do I.need to get? Cheers martin
  2. Alarm Going Off And Door Open Light On

    No problems I will need to have a good look tomorrow really. Is there a way of putting the alarm into a self test mode To test each switch?
  3. Hi guys. I have a 2001 mondeo 1.8 and the alarm is going off all the time which is keeping the neighbours happy :) I've read a.few posts about the bonnet latch being faulty but also the door open light on the dash is on to say a door is open. Any one had this before?