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    So much for this being a forum. Almost a month only one post. Must be Royal Mail doing the replies.
  2. Hi All, Just a bit to introduce myself, I have been driving Fords for over 14 years since I started driving, my current car is Ranger XLT 2.5 Double Cab. I think its a good motor and here for assistance on things that I might change on it. Its main use is travel to work and Search and Rescue work. My wife has been driving Fords since she passed her test and loves them, her current car a 2013 Kuga Zetec, this is her second Kuga and as much as she was sad to see the old one go she loves the new one more. Thanks for the welcome
  3. Hi Guys, I have just recently bought a 2008 Double Cab XLT. I am more than happy with the motor. It came with a tow bar which I need as I use the vehicle for Search and Rescue work and also had a Mountain Top fitted. The mountain top seems to do what I need but at time I struggle to get the kit I need into the back of the motor. Is it true that there is several different canopy's that will fit this, when I say this I mean like the D22, Rodeo etc. On the truckman site they show 6 different models which is meant to be generic in size for the bed area in the double cabs. Is this correct or have I lost the plot. Any help would be greatful as I have the chance of one from an Isuzu cheap. Thanks