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  1. Brill, cheers guys!! 58 1.4 tdci fiesta tit! :-)
  2. Ouch! :-( oh well, must take care with the kerbs I guess! 58 1.4 tdci fiesta tit! :-)
  3. Did that work?? 58 1.4 tdci fiesta tit! :-)
  4. Not too badly, just a couple of scratches near tyre, I'll try and get a photo...
  5. What's the best and most cost effective way to remove curb scratches from alloy wheels. I'm not very techy so layman's terms please!! Thanks Sarah
  6. I'm good thanks, look forward to seeking text assistance of fellow fiesta owners as required, hopefully it won't be too often!! 58 1.4 tdci fiesta tit! :-)
  7. Just picked up my 58 plate fiesta today and joining the owners group seemed the natural thing to do!!