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  1. After market head unit

    Hi there. I have just done the same & yes, I needed an adaptor for the same reason as you. Not sure if I can post a link for you, but this is where I got mine from: Good luck. Martin
  2. Anyone Got One Of These?

    I have ordered this part. It would appear there are some differences in Fusion models, as the parts Dept insisted on me measuring the gap between the front seats before ordering. I will take pictures as I fit.
  3. Hi, my 09 1.6tdci had a very similar problem that developed into the engine randomly cutting out. When it began, the engine seemed to just 'skip a beat' for a split second. The cutting out began when the weather got really cold, like down to 1 to 3 celcius. It would restart as normal, but sometimes cut when at the clutch biting point. On diagnostics, there were no faults recorded until the auto-electrician drove it around with the laptop plugged in & it cut out. I give this detail to see if the car in question is similar. The actual fault was caused by a solenoid in the injection unit. Ford quoted £750 for a complete assembly, but my local garage sourced the solenoid from a breaker for £10. Ford stated that the solenoid was unlikely to work as it needed coding to the ECU. This turned out to be Ford !Removed!. The hesitation/cutting out never happened again. However, several days later, the yellow light shaped like a cog inside the Tacho, came on. The engine ran ok, but there was a lack of oomph. The manual states this is a drivetrain error, or something like that. The garage reset the error codes & there hasn't been anything wrong since. Sorry for the essay, I hope that helps.
  4. Anyone Got One Of These?

    Thanks all. Will take a punt on this, me thinks.
  5. Anyone Got One Of These?

    Thank you for that. Does it affect access to the handbrake?
  6. Anyone Got One Of These? If so, thoughts please.
  7. Annoying Cabin Rattle

    Hallelujah brother! :)
  8. Can I Swap A Ford Steering Wheel?

    An auto electrician tells me there is no reason why it can't be done. As per usual, it comes down to cost. I shall report any further developments.
  9. Annoying Cabin Rattle

    SOLVED!! You know the plastic cowling where the handbrake comes out, behind the gear stick? Well, if you unclip that & lift it up, there is a wiring harness that is held to the lifted part by two small clips. On mine, the clip on the near side is broken, the harness was rattling around freely. A dab of blue tack has done the job. Listen..........ahhhh, silence from there.
  10. Hi All, I am lucky enough to be given a retrofit Cruise Control kit. Rather than have anything extra added to the steering column, is it possible to swap steering wheels to another Ford wheel that has the CC buttons? TIA Martin
  11. Annoying Cabin Rattle

    My Fusion has developed an annoying rattle. It sounds as though it is 2 plastic pieces bouncing around over our 'flat' roads. I have ruled out all the wiring harnesses under the seats, the seat belt assemblies & anything under the hand brake cowling. Any help or suggestions gratefully appreciated. Martin
  12. Help With Fusion Built In Dvd Player

    Hi Shezzer, I had this problem some years ago in a Toyota. This guide should help you (mine was frayed copper wire). Not sure if I can post a link, so PM'd you. Cheers, Martin
  13. Turbo Issue Solved?

    Iantt, regarding the watgate valve, the solenoid or actuator attached to this, is specifically the part that the mechanic stated was faulty, or the valve is sticky. Good spot sir!
  14. Turbo Issue Solved?

    I Have had some issues with my Fusion starting just after New Year. As the engine reached operating temperature, there would be occasions when the car would drop into 'Limp Mode'. I would have to wait 20 min's or so before resuming normal operation. There was nothing to find at the garage, so I continued use. The problem became frequent, so I went to my local independent who identified the issue as a clogged turbo. Instead of getting the spanners out, he advised me to use Millers Eco Max. Half a bottle in a full fuel tank & then the stated dose. After a week in which the limp mode occurred twice, three full weeks later, the problem has not reoccurred at all. The car didn't seem to smoke at all before but has been a bit smoky on start up just this week. Any thoughts?
  15. Ford Fusion Spare Wheel Size

    This is the correct spare wheel. Should you need to use it, it will probably be the front that has a puncture, as this is the first wheel in contact with debris, pot hole etc. Although a pain in the rear, it is best to bring a rear wheel to the front & use the spare on the back. This has several benefits, the first & most important, is that the handling & steering of the car is unaffected. Secondly, should you creep over the 80kmh advised speed limit, you will not have the affects & risk of sudden steering, braking, handling performance issues that could arise during motorway travel. After striking a damaged road surface patch in Wales on a recent holiday, several motorists, including me were changing our wheels, when a rather pleasant RAC man advised us of the above. Driving all the way back to Huddersfield was fine. It took a week to repair my damaged alloy & now all is OK again. Martin