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  1. Can only point you toward a Haynes manual? Sorry I can't help more.
  2. 100% agree. Nighbreakers are a real improvement & the Ebay price is as little as £15 for a pair!
  3. Yes, mine is the same as yours. I drive regular from Huddersfield to Great Yarmouth which is 206 miles and a good mix of motorway, A-roads & town, same numbers returned.
  4. Oh Right, thanks for that.
  5. Hi tr1gg, What are DRLs?
  6. Just a thought, have you reset the MPG indicated? I do this at every fill up & therefore get a good indicator if all is well day to day. Seamo44
  7. I have 58 1.6+ TDCI . I did have an 09 of the same spec', but was killed by a Taxi driver. This is my 3rd Fusion & I love it. Has been remapped for economy, blanked EGR & a better stereo. I do about 40k miles a year & this car is great at munching miles, returning 60 to the gallon on average.
  8. Hi there. I have just done the same & yes, I needed an adaptor for the same reason as you. Not sure if I can post a link for you, but this is where I got mine from: Good luck. Martin
  9. I have ordered this part. It would appear there are some differences in Fusion models, as the parts Dept insisted on me measuring the gap between the front seats before ordering. I will take pictures as I fit.
  10. Hi, my 09 1.6tdci had a very similar problem that developed into the engine randomly cutting out. When it began, the engine seemed to just 'skip a beat' for a split second. The cutting out began when the weather got really cold, like down to 1 to 3 celcius. It would restart as normal, but sometimes cut when at the clutch biting point. On diagnostics, there were no faults recorded until the auto-electrician drove it around with the laptop plugged in & it cut out. I give this detail to see if the car in question is similar. The actual fault was caused by a solenoid in the injection unit. Ford quoted £750 for a complete assembly, but my local garage sourced the solenoid from a breaker for £10. Ford stated that the solenoid was unlikely to work as it needed coding to the ECU. This turned out to be Ford !Removed!. The hesitation/cutting out never happened again. However, several days later, the yellow light shaped like a cog inside the Tacho, came on. The engine ran ok, but there was a lack of oomph. The manual states this is a drivetrain error, or something like that. The garage reset the error codes & there hasn't been anything wrong since. Sorry for the essay, I hope that helps.
  11. Thanks all. Will take a punt on this, me thinks.
  12. Thank you for that. Does it affect access to the handbrake?
  13. If so, thoughts please.
  14. Hallelujah brother! :)
  15. An auto electrician tells me there is no reason why it can't be done. As per usual, it comes down to cost. I shall report any further developments.