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  1. hello im thinking of changing all my speakers in my car (ford fiesta mk 7 zetec s) it has the added speakers you can get. any recommendations for what speakers I should change them to (I play my music quite loud at times). Any help would be appreciated. thanks
  2. J1 Automotive Air Intake Kit

    ahh ok ill stick to the j1 then :) thanks should I get the j1 and exhaust before I get a Bluefin chip in my car?
  3. J1 Automotive Air Intake Kit

    thanks Daniel ill have a look into getting an exhaust to go with it, im also thinking about a Bluefin chip ? any thoughts on that?
  4. J1 Automotive Air Intake Kit

    whats the ITG one?
  5. hey guys/girls, im looking to buy a j1 air intake kit for my fiesta zetec s mk7 is it worth the £200? if anybody is selling a second hand one that hasn't been used that much let me know. thanks
  6. iv tried struggling to find lights that shape to fit
  7. I cant the angle of the plastic is on a slant :(
  8. hello guys/girls, I have just bought the Asian style grill for my mk7 fiesta and also some runni8ng lights (led) to fit into the grill as shown on the pictures. The problem I have encountered is that all the lights that are L shaped don't fit the grill (including mine). Nath did it to his car on the forums and I will also ask him if he can help but I was also wondering if any other members could shed some light on my situation. the top part of the grill (silver bit is 5 inch) and (the bottom part is 7 inch).
  9. Fiesta St Rear Bumper

    ahh thanks guys think ill have a custom exhaust build to fit it then
  10. Fiesta St Rear Bumper

    hello guys I currently have a 2011 plate fiesta zetec S... I want to add the new fiesta zetec ST rear bumper to my car... anybody know if its possible? they look identical (fitting). iv uploaded two photos showing what I want off the bumper but obviously would have to buy the full bumper to get this part.
  11. Zetec S Cruise Control

    no it doesn't I have the zetec s 2011 and I have everything in it but cruise... you have to pay more for it as an extra same with everything (for example street pack etc)
  12. Ford Fiesta Zetec S Radio Help

    thanks guys 'iNath' mine is 2011 model same as yours in the pic you have .
  13. hello guys/girls, I currently have a ford fiesta zetec s with the silver stereo (got Bluetooth calling feature etc) I want to put the Sony titanium stereo in as shown in the other pic on this thread. is it possible? as in will all my blue tooth and calling features work just like they do with the silver stereo? could somebody help me as soon as possible?
  14. Fiesta 2009 Mk7 Illuminated Gear Knob

    any updates on this gear knob?
  15. centre cap size please

    what about the 16" alloys?