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  1. Word Game

    Noodle soup
  2. Reflection Shots

  3. Reflection Shots

    That's phone is going to get a damm good thrashing....
  4. Reflection Shots

    Try again...
  5. Reflection Shots

    Hmmmmm no pic??
  6. Reflection Shots

    Black Mondeo..
  7. Things I Do Like

  8. Things I Do Like

    Peugeot 306 is a nice driver's motor in gti-6 form and very uncreated...
  9. Mk3 2.5 V6 Service (Plugs Etc)

    Apologies for the poor quality photo..meant to show how dirty the old cabin filter was...stupid phone...
  10. Things I Do Like

    I too have a nat west platinum account...but I'm happy as it is.16 dollars a month for an account is plenty enough...the highlight of it is the full breakdown cover with relay under green flag...the last premium I paid out to the AA(2013) was about £125 but before that with RAC about £140 yearly.. So I'm happy with that..
  11. Ford Mustang 2016 Model.

  12. Ford Mustang 2016 Model.

    Maybe Ford should offer more engine choice.... only 2 to choose from...but hey doesn't that make it easier to choose?? contest really...5.0 V8 manual in either black or red but probably black:)..I'd sell my soul......Some Car!! can't stop thinking about how funking cool this motor is.. 5.0 V8 Coupé..... I know a lot of people will get the 2.3. but if your thinking about fuel economy this might not be the car you should have...Peugeot make a cracking diesel that does about 80mpg :)
  13. 2015 Ford Mustang Uk Release! Who's Excited!? god how are you going to be able to sleep till then..5.0 V8 with a manual box....Heaven....
  14. 2015 Ford Mustang Uk Release! Who's Excited!?

    I would kill to get my mitts on one of these awesome 5.0 V8 beasts.....does anyone know what transmission this engine comes with....going to either make a withdrawal at the bank or remortgage the gaff....anyone know a good broker, failing that then a Ronald Reagan mask and a .45 automatic!!
  15. Mk3 2.5 V6 Service (Plugs Etc)

    Tom..I replaced mine a year or so ago..don't think its charcoal though..crossland filter no c40191p ...Ford this at local motor factors... Make sure you get a nice clean fit when putting the scuttle panel back in situ....this can cause water ingress if not bang on...:)