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  1. Hello fellas.....were to begin.... Firstly sorry about my aabsence, my life took a change for the 'not to good' almost 18 months ago...but glad to say it looks like I will be firing on all ccylinders come the end of spring.....I'm not ggoing to bore you with the details? My Black 3 litre mk3 has given me sterlingservice the past 8-9 years..and hopefully will keep up its good reputation..with only 53k showing it was bought with 38k miles sshowing back in 09 .Ido have use of other motors on occasion ..believe me when Isay Iwill never ever sell her or 'get rid'... The mk3 is now becoming like the mk2..a dying breed...sad....but I'm going to try and wave the flag for all mk3 owners. there not going to make these excellent motors no more...the mk3 is plenty mod enough for me...I don't care about its age...she is still as good as the day iItravelled down to BBuckinghamshire from Cheshire to hand over 5 and a half grand for a spotless 4 year old 3 litre ghia x ...no TV screens just a nice sSony CD radio... Anyhow gentlemen I've so missed the banter and general good of the folks and also the moderators on this great forum.. Blessing to you all....V6 Lover..
  2. I still like the overall styling of the older veccy b in particular the way the wing mirrors are sculptured..and in gsi form with leather recaros that have adjustable thigh support...I'm 6'3 (wish my mondy had these..)..just a pitty they don't go around corners or roundabouts or anything with curves and deviations.......errr....very well at all..... I live near Ellesmere port so I'm pretty de-sensitized to the whole range of woefull abominations that Vauxhalls are!!shamefully allowed to trundle around,lowering the tone wherever they go...blah blah. Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk
  3. Sounds like they've had a nice thick coating of paint...I hate the way 17 and 18 Ford alloys corrode... the 15 in alloys that came on my 52 foccy though seemed invulnerable... It had like hairpin spokes...check it out... Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk
  4. Shaving foam!!...how much is a bottle of rain x ? Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk
  5. Hmmm...good one for the investigation, it's a bit strange that the actual button is not at fault but there you go....the mondy is now 11 years old so could be general age degradation... some days works perfectly.. on others it's takes a break!! Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk
  6. Love the titanium x alloys...I also like St 220 alloys...but harder to clean..I can get my hands inside the tit x alloys so the innard looks as clean as the face[emoji8] Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk
  7. Sorry that post in the wrong section...having a few issues with the app...
  8. I understand you liking mercs....have you ever watched " The Driver "..cult 70s film about a top getaway driver Ryan O'Neil ..anyhow he puts a classic Orange Mercedes through its paces in an underground car park...liked them since then...I've only had one Volvo....a t5 coup'e which I wrote off and walked away from totally unscratched, really good in a frontal impact at about 40 ish mph... Not been on the forum much as the Mondog is just not giving me anything to worry about...but it never has except having to replace the esp system at 4 yrs old ,but that's a one off and it didn't leave me stranded either, just sort of no abs and no traction or esp...but the brakes just sort of reverted to standard no frills braking till I got it fixed at a £1250 stingaroo at Ford's...11 years down the line and everything still works as good as the day I got it... I've also been a bit pre occupied with the need for acquiring an estate car..prefer another Mondeo and there's one local to me but 167,000 miles on a 2.0 petrol but has 6 months mot left and runs with no issues... £250...
  9. XJ6.. One boss looking motor...loads and loads of presence totally smooth at the ton, very very solid one helluva motor...my mate had one a few years back in the 80's...he's a bit of a dark character so seemed to suit him well in his 3quarter leather sports jacket....:)
  10. Your not alone on this...mine sometimes does nothing, then works perfectly... definitely the contacts inside, but I'm too at a loss on how to fix,although I'm tempted to squirt some contact cleaner into the end button but not too much!!! Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk
  11. BMW drivers on the whole are bad drivers...in fact I will go as far to say that most are basically S*#theads.... Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk
  12. I've been reading various car sites as I've been looking to maybe get a second car for some duties I'm not prepared to put pride and joy ghia x Hatch through...ie mainly diy and garden rubbish /household junk for the tip(slowly gutting and redoing interior of my house...biggish house biggish garden) so lots of trips to B&Q and furniture land and also trips to the tip....mainly trips to tip hahahaha... I've had a mk3 estate in the past...this is more than up to the job absolutely humongous load carrying ability's as you get roof rails as well ..if my old mk3 estate had been the 2.5 v6 instead of the 2.0 4 pot petrol I would not of parted with it... Nice motors the mk3...you get a hell of a lot of motor for your money, there's plenty of them so you can take your time picking the right one out. alot of unloved abused and molested mondeos out there... along with the well looked after,mature owner not ragged to an inch of its life examples with good history not necessarily full Ford but it helps (my present Mondog I spent a year looking for...that was back in 09) They look good what you have there though I am biast towards the ghia x...lovely well equipped executive cruiser...[emoji2] Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk
  13. Nice motors..I've had a few mondeos a brand new 53 ghia estate 2.0 petrol.. then a 98 v6 ghia x Hatch and my present whip a 3.0 ghia x which I've had for 7 years now and has never left me stranded at the side of the road... in fact none of my my Mondogs or my foccy ever really misbehaved.....something i can't say about a few Ford escorts I owned back in the 90's....[emoji2] [emoji2] The duratec v6 is pretty much bullet proof.... the 2.5 v6 HE in my mk2 (even my mechanic commented) was as sweet as a nut and super smooth....made a really awesome exhaust note when I fitted ( sorry demon tweaks fitted) a twin exit Scorpion, and a cold fed 57i... I was well chuffed...anyhow anybody running one of these mk3 beasties will know how nice they sound standard alone...there's a nice Colorado red v6 zs on a 02 on autotrader with just 72k mile totally standard and unmolested looks really good..the alloys look OEM finish too with no peel!! if I was buying it I would leave it completely standard apart from a good custom stainless steel exhaust.... some owners say the standard interior on the mk3 zs dosent quite "live up" to its outward appearance..although a boot spoiler was a cost option and the option of a half leather interior only appeared on the facelift mondeo...and facelift zs are alot rarer as only made from mid 03 to early 05.!....but looked good, leather bolsters and headrests dark blue patterned seat base and back ,,,...., .........You don't see too many fast Ford's in the NW... by us it's all veccy C, Insiggys...and 'astra everything's'.....[emoji2] [emoji2] White is one of the rarer Mondeo colours and usually either base model Lx still rare all the same or ex police[emoji2] ... alot seem to be silver in colour...juice green seems rare....with mondeos silver is the most popular followed by blue(all shades) followed by black...I could be wrong though... PS...see your only down the road so to speak... my dad's regiment was based there years ago....[emoji2] Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk
  14. I reckon there's some etiquette when using your headlight flash...a short one (a split second) say after being overtaken in a quick but safe style ie..no dawdling and no blind bends... tell the driver that was acceptable..maybe even ' that was a spot of good driving old chap'..... a long flash say 2secs should say" I'm not impressed with your style of driving/your a complete c#+t... But Jesus...there's 20 million people on Britain's roads.,.so lots of different opinions and reasons for the Complementary/Angry headlight flash...but one thing I am sure of, anybody who flashes coming in the opposite direction is meant as a "eyes extra open" for ahead of you.... speed check/trap looming perhaps ...I've had people flash me to warn of a speed trap ahead [emoji2] Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk