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  1. I'd of thought you would of got a decent mechanic what with the Lexus name...goes to show how ineptitude knows no boundaries...[emoji2] Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk
  2. Wtf...yet again no pics....:(
  3. Always rains the following day She still scrubs up well but could do with a mop....
  4. Eventually.. Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk
  5. Hello fella...they are cloth si seats you have there....alot rarer and in my opinion alot smarter than the half leather items ...what do you hate about them...they look in really nice nick...I'm telling you they look well better especially with matching door cards as well!! Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk
  6. Try your local breakers yard for these items if you don't then it will be pricey getting these bits from Ford's...not sure how complex this is to do though fella.... Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk
  7. Have you got both the original keys for this Mondeo...? I lost one of my original remote keys for my Mondog and buggered the second one so had to go to fords... 2 brand new remote keys,cut and programmed to the car £320.. I've now added a third key I bought of eBay for £20...I believe up to 10 new keys can be added as long as you have two original Ford ones as you need to insert first one do the sequence take it out and repeat with the second, the led dash light will flash and I beep afaik...then you put the third key in turn to on and another beep/beeps... If you only have the one key get it cloned.. Sent from my Z220 using Tapatalk
  8. This is the only part of the forum I've been able to access..... whatever you people in charge of running this site...I hope your proud of your work...
  9. Typical...what is it with interfering busybody jobsworths....this site used to be user friendly why the hell has it changed.... I can no longer post pics...will be surprised if I can post this...don't think I will be bothering with a forum that no longer works as it should....what is it with jobsworths... they come along with promises of a better this and that... Rollocks.,......
  10. I've just ordered H1and H7 osram night breakers unlimited I've read very good reviews on these, think their German, £35 for both pairs delivered...
  11. Can't load photos anymore on this site...:(
  12. The saloons didn't sell as many as the hatch,not many ghia x have the skirts and spoiler as they didn't come out the factory with these fitted and are retro fitted... I see yours is a 04 reg with pre- facelift alloys..did you fit the zs bumpers yourself.. I've seen a couple of tdci ghia x mondeos which have had the zs bumpers fitted by there owners..nice upgrade... does your ghia x have the 8 way passengers seat along with the driver's 8 way? I think only 53 to 05 reg ghia x had this... Have you done any other mods...nice looking V6 you got there fella... Being Colorado red and having a sunroof make it pretty rare as it is.. is it a facelift..the preface Ghia x had sunroofs as standard but on the facelift this became a £500 option with an added waiting time too so it isn't popular on the facelift ghia x... Love Ghia x mondeos I've had 3....currently driving a 55 reg gx.....:)
  13. Can't seem to get the photo to upload.... has something changed with the forum...all I seem able to do is post... can't see my profile fact lots of things aren't happening, having difficulty accessing areas I previously had no probs with......
  14. ???