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  1. Hello Devon. Welcome to FOC:)
  2. iPod
  3. Hi Patrick. Welcome to FOC.:) Im in the same boat as you. The Haynes manual does not show where it is on my 1.3 LX. I was going to try and clean what i thought was the Valve, but it got dark, and i didn't want to break my car:(.
  4. Thanks. Will do this tonight and see if it makes any difference.
  5. Crowd
  6. Hello all. I have had this problem, where the engine will cut off when slowing down at junctions and Roundabouts, for about a month now. Have done a little research, and the common problem seems to be with the Idle Speed Control valve? Most of the times, cleaning the valve fixes this problem, however 1) Do no know where this valve and 2) Don't know how to clean it. I have brought some spray Carb cleaner, but i do not know what to do now. Can anyone help? Thanks Dan
  7. Lol. I mean anything to fit in the car for it to work. I brought Pioneer DEH-3700MP
  8. Have you checked out 1stchoice, not sure if they sell them, but might be worth a try. Or you local breaker yard.
  9. I was reading on the internet, that you have to unplug the yellow cable under the seat, as this is suppose to work?
  10. I googled "Ford fiesta Forums" and this is the first one i clicked on. never looked back ;)
  11. Hi, Just to update you. I have brought a new MP3 player for the car, aswell as the facia plate and ford to iso connector. Is there anything else i would need? Thanks, Dan
  12. I just checked, and it is four flashes. Which is to do with the seatbeat?
  13. Hi, I have a 1997 Mk4 1.3 Ford fiesta. I have a problem where sometimes the airbag light flashes. There is no pattern when this happens. I was told it could be the sensor in the seat? Has anyone had this problem or know of a resolution. Thanks, Dan
  14. Thank you. Will look out for it now :) This place doesn't seem to be "buzzing"
  15. Hello. My name is Dan, and i'm from Cardiff. i'm 19 and just brought a 97 1.3 Ford fiesta LX. No Mods at the moment, just need to sort out the door mirrors first:) My profession is IT Helpdesk Support. :)