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  1. Guys Many thanks for all your help on this topic, it's been a great help. I've never attempted any form of electrical modifications before and am quite hesitant to do so being completely honest, but there has to be a first time for everything! Nitin, Would you be able to send me a link to the sensor you have found? Thanks again
  2. Many thanks for your reply Troy. Myself, I have no knowledge with regards to wiring etc so I'd need to locate someone who is willing to do something off this calibre, with the knowledge combined. The Zetec Focus I have is not fitted with automatic windscreen wipers or lights sop the idea I had in mind was to employ a generic light sensor as you've mentioned. But then comes the fact of wiring something like this and linking everything up correctly. With regards to canbus, I don't know whether this is the case... My vehicle carries original halogen head lights, unlike that of the Focus ST (an upgrade I would like to make), but I have recently upgraded my rear lights to that of the LED type originating from the 08 plate Focus ST which look brilliant. I'm assuming a generic light sensor is easy to come by? Thank you again for your assistance.
  3. Evening I was wondering whether it is possible to retrofit a system that turns on the exterior lights when the central locking key is pressed when dark via a retrofitted sensor etc? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi Martin, the two looms costs just under £70 with postage from the link the guys give me above. Well worth it. Sent from my C6903 using Ford OC mobile app
  5. Guys Thank you for all the help above... Purchased the bulb holders/wiring from Ford Parts UK using the above code, at a decent price as well. Lights have since been fitted and look great. Very pleased.
  6. Hi Lenny Do you think the cree bulbs would be a viable replacement for a tail stop light?
  7. This is the company I have purchased my units from. The pair only cost me £125 without the looms. I've submitted a parts request to the link above.
  8. Guys Thanks for your assistance so far. Thanks JW1982 for the part number required... I'm going to submit a parts request to Ford shortly. I purchased the light units brand new from a supplier on ebay: ultimate-lighting ( The units don'y have the bulb holders with the lights hence the post but they do each have a little blue connector that I assume links with the part number you have mentioned above?
  9. Evening I've recently purchased a pair of ST/RS spec LED rear lights as an upgrade for my Zetec focus due to the fantastic price. Only problem is that they were not supplied with the bulb holders that carry the additional (blue) connector that links to the LED wiring hence not being able to use the existing holders & loom. Would anyone know where I could purchase a set of LED compatible bulb holders please? Any help would be much appreciated. Many Thanks, Tom.
  10. Hi Lenny looking at changing my rear lights as you've done above for my focus. Great guide also! Only question is, would I need to change any wiring at all when it comes to changing the units or is it purely 'plug in' and they work as I have a 09 focus? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. Regarding the ST Rear LED Lights you fitted to your focus... Did this require any wiring modifications as oppose to the standard tail lights? Thanks