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  1. I've always used Ferodo.
  2. The boot unlocks at the same time the doors do. The third button is definitely not an image of a car. It's a double arrow heard.
  3. You are unlikely to get a Clock Dial Gauge from a car parts shop, as it is a precision engineering tool. They're available from Amazon and Ebay.
  4. What you need is a clock dial gauge. No offence to the OP, but given their obviously limited knowledge of mechanics, it might be easier if they have the discs checked and, if necessary, replaced, by a mechanic. Brakes are not a job for the novice.
  5. What does the double arrow head button do, on the Focus key fob?
  6. It's not too difficult, but you'll probably find it easier, if you take the rack off the car, and work on it at a bench. It'll also allow you to examine it properly, for damage.
  7. Depends on your abilities, and available tools. At the very least, you will need a pair of axle stands (don't even think of getting under, with it supported on a couple of jacks), a decent socket set, and a ball joint splitter.
  8. Actually, £58 to supply and fit is quite good. Mine cost £55-odd just to buy it. :(
  9. I've done a guide with photos (see my signature), but that's for the 1.8 TDCI. You would need to compare the under bonnet view of your car, to the photos in my guide, to see if the layout is the same (or sufficiently similar) to allow you to make use of it.
  10. Please note that, although this is a fairly straightfoward job (well within the ability of most people), you do it at your own risk, and I accept no responsibility for loss, damage or injury, howsoever caused. Start by removing the plastic engine cover, which is held in place with four plastic clips, similar to pop fasteners. Simply pull each corner up gently, until the clips release. To gain proper access to the intercooler pipe, you need to move (but not completely remove) the expansion tank, and disconnect the plug attached to the sensor, fitted in the metal intercooler pipe. Begin by unclipping the green plug (indicated by the arrow on the right in the picture below). To release it, gently lift up on the tag protruding from the bottom of the plug (the opposite end from the wires) and draw the plug off the sensor, then tuck it out of the way. Next, remove the expansion tank, by pulling it upwards. If it is stubborn, insert a narrow bladed screwdriver (eg. a mains tester - see picture 2) into the outside (ie. the side farthest from the tank) of the holding clip, indicated by the arrow. then pull the tank upwards. An identical clip is moulded into the rear of the expansion tank, directly behind the filler cap. Once both clips are free, gently lift the expansion tank up and forward, toward the front of the car, and prop it up against the bonnet support. The pipe to be replaced can be seen in picture 3, marked with two arrows. To remove it, release the two jubilee clips (arrowed) and waggle the pipe free of the two unions. Replacement and reassembly is a reversal of the removal process, but note the following. Ensure the pipe is pushed up tight against the shoulder on the union of the turbocharger (the silver grey object directly behind the engine) and that both jubilee clips are properly, but not excessively, tightened. Make sure the plug is reattached to the sensor on the metal pipe. When replacing the expansion tank, secure it on the rear clip (the one nearest the filler cap) first. Don't forget to replace the engine cover. And that's all there is to it. :D
  11. But where do I create/edit my signature?
  12. Check the rubber pipe between the intercooler and the turbo. Mine split (apparently it's a common occurrence) and produced a hissing noise during acceleration.
  13. Personally, I'd change the full rack, as you can't be sure it hasn't been damaged internally.
  14. As promised Stoney, I've posted the guide. BTW. How do I go about adding it to the bottom of my posts? I presume it goes in my Signature (as opposed to me having to C&P it into every post ), but how do I do that?