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  1. Escort Mk4 Hcs Valencia Engine 1989

    Thanks Tony that's a great help. I will try resetting them in the near future
  2. Hello Folks, during a complete refurb of vehicle i came across the 1989 Ford Technicians Product Training guide for the then new 1989 HCS Valencia engines which i forgot i had. Mine is a 1.3 and valve clearances have been done using the Haynes manual which sets the Exhaust valve clearance at 0.59mm. The 1989 training guide points out that one of the many new features of the Valencia engine is that the exhaust valve clearance should be reduced "from 0.55mm- 0.60mm to 0.30mm - 0.35mm" basically half what i have set mine at. The tappets are a bit noisy!! And no wonder it seems to have been running a bit rich judging by the carbon in the exhaust. However, i can't seem to see in the manual what the inlet valve clearances should be. Can anybody help? (i now don't trust the Haynes version) By the way according to the Technicians manual from Ford training centre, it seems that the valve timings have been revised and show little relevance to the Haynes manual. Kind regards Pete