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  1. Hey everyone! I'm new to this so apologies if I do something wrong! I have a mk 7.5 fiesta zetec s and recently I purchased the fiesta illuminated door sills for it, I began fitting them which was all okay but I then stumbled upon a problem, the instructions are for the old mk 7 fiesta and stated I should connect GN/VT and YE/GY wires to the wires for the sills, I found the GN/VT wire immediately but cannot seem to find the YE/GY one. I was wondering if anyone could help in telling me if wire colours have changed from the pre-facelift fiesta to the facelift version, and if so what have they being changed to? Would be very grateful for this information and even more if someone could link a wiring guide to show the wirings and how they've changed (if they have). Thank you.