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  1. Turns over fine but like its got no fuel to get it going its not even spluttering but it does have fuel according to fuel gauge qaurter of a tank.
  2. Hi my neigbour cant start her Zafira Diesel it cranks fine but dosent try to start she has been told that the egr valve is faulty and thats why it wont start so can an egr valve stop a car from starting ?
  3. Thanks for info i cant decide if to take a chance or not
  4. Thanks for info i cant decide if to take a chance or not
  5. So is this the same engine as used in the the ford focus 1.6 Tdci ?
  6. so it does and it dont
  7. Hi does the Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi Zetec injector seals suffer the same problems as the 1.4 Tdci engine does ?
  8. Thank you chaps its nice to have some opions from former owners.
  9. Hi guys i have been thinking of buying a Ford fiesta 1.4 Tdci but have checked this review in which he says this car would be dangerous to drive around town as its slow at pulling off from junctions and round abouts anyone else feel this would be a big problem or does anyone else use this car for city driving ?
  10. Thanks for the reply i have a 1.4Tdci to see this week but not sure if diesel is wise for a city car but i do like driving Diesel cars.
  11. Looking to buy a second hand fiesta years from 2005/2007 was looking at the fiesta 1.25 style climate but are they any good the other one i considered is the 1.4 TDCI whats your opions on these, passegers for most of the time will be 2 adults and 1 child.